Isaac Guille born before c1656 was alive 1685, and his wife Anna Guille were original immigrants via England, but were not English and were naturalized in Virginia in 1705.  They were French Huguenots, perhaps via the Guilles on the Island of Guernsey.

Sue GIll found the Huguenot record in France!  Amazing!,RNWA:2003-30,RNWA:en

Abjurations with Dreux in 1685 (in the church St Pierre)

raised by Lucienne Stachetti

Thursday 15th of the aforesaid month:

Maistre Charles DESHAYES pbre cleaned of Gainville and rural senior of Mantes under the terms of the commission of Mondit lord Illustrissime and évesque Révérendissime of Chartres on 8 of this months and year to receive abjurations and to give the discharge of the heresy to heretic of the reformed alleged Religion, has receu the abjuration of the heresy of Calvin and given the discharge in the form and manner prescribed by the Ritual of Mondit lord, in presence and of the assent of Mr Henry MASSON, pbre cleaned the aforementioned church and of Jean Jacques CHARON, Chevalier Marquis of MENARS, Conseiller of Roy in his Council, Maistre of the requestes and its Hostel intendant of Paris with:

Who stated not to scavoir to sign the this necessary one and challenged and signed like témoings MENARS, BORAND, FORMINY, P.PILO, P.LEBON, C.DEHAYS, cleaned H.MASSON of Saint-Pierre de Dreux.


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