Francis Gill, Chesterfield VA.

(d. 1791-94)

The Will of Francis Gill mentioned the following heirs:

  1. Son, Francis Gill.
  2. Son, Phillip Gill. Francis and Phillip were given 500 acres of land in Halifax Co., N.C.
  3. Son, Stephen Gill. Given land in Chesterfield Co., VA.
  4. Son, Jacob Gill. Given 395 acres in Halifax Co., VA.
  5. Wife, Martha.
  6. Son, James Gill
  7. Son, Joseph Gill.
  8. Daughter, Martha Gill.
  9. Daughter, Fanny Gill
  10. Daughter, Milly Wells

Executors of the Will were: Athree sons, Stephen, James, and Joseph Gill.@

Will dated: 21 September 1791.

(The Library of Virginia, Chesterfield Co. 1787-1799, Wills, Box 291)

The Will was presented in Court (July 1794) by James Gill, who qualified as Executor.

(Chesterfield Co. Court Order Book 10, Page 416).

Phillip Gill

Phillip Gill was living in Halifax Co., NC before the death of his father. Francis Gill of Chesterfield Co., VA. bought land from William Gill in 1783. (Halifax Co., NC, Deed Book 15, Page 72). Phillip Gill was first mentioned as living in Halifax Co. NC in 1786 (Halifax Co., NC Tax Lists). In a Deed dated 9 December 1790 Phillip bought 54 acres from James Adams. (Halifax Co., NC Deed Book 17, Page 268).

Francis Gill=s will was presented in Court in July, 1794, and Phillip and Francis sold their inheritance in October of the same year. The Deed was dated 13 October 1794. They sold their 500 acres to Francis Totty of Chesterfield Co., VA. The Deed was signed by Phillip Gill and his wife Amey, and Francis Gill and his wife Patsy. The Deed was recorded February 1795. (Halifax Co., NC Deed Book 17, Page 726).

Phillip Gill is next found in Lunenburg Co., VA. In a deed dated 20 October 1794, Phillip Gill of Halifax Co., NC bought 150 acres from Sterling Cooper. This land was partly bounded by the land of Peter Andrews, Phillip Gill=s father-in-law. (Lunenburg Co., VA Deed Book 17, Page 78).

Phillip Gill and his wife Amy were married ca 1785. Their first child was born in 1786. No marriage record can be found, but the will of Peter Andrews, who died in Lunenburg Co., VA in 1810, names his daughter AAmey Gill.@ Phillip Gill was listed as one of the Executors to the will. (Lunenburg Co., VA. Will Book 7, Pages 4).

Phillip Gill owned the land purchased from Cooper until he sold it in 1835 to his son, Francis Gill. (Lunenburg Co., VA Deed Book 30, Page 417). Up until this time Phillip Gill had been listed on the Lunenburg Co. census reports, but in 1840 there is a male, age 70-80, living with Phillip Gill (Jr.), Mecklenburg Co. 1840 census. This age would correspond with Phillip Gill (Sr.). Phillip Sr. evidently sold his property to son, Francis, and moved in with Phillip Jr.

(His wife must have been dead by this time).

The following information was copied from the AOld Gill Reckords in the Bible of Mrs. Henry Thompson@, North View, Virginia, March, 1892.

Philip Gill Born Dec. 13, 1761

Amy (his wife) Born Jan 13, 1759

Children of this Marriage:

  1. Betsy born July 6th 1786
  2. Lucy born April 23d 1788
  3. Sally born Jan. 26, 1789
  4. Stephen born April 23, 1793
  5. Drewry born Jan. 23, 1795
  6. Webster born Sept. 8, 1796
  7. Phillip born Dec. 23, 1798
  8. Amy born Oct. 17, 1802


Philip Gill & Eliza his wife December 22nd 1826

Philip Gill & Nancy W. Simmons March 20th 1830

Amy Gill was married to Thrower Freeman October 17, 1826

Eliza Ann Gill the wife of Philip Gill died lst of February 1827.

Philip Gill died July 11, 1850.


Note: There was also a son, Francis, mentioned in the will of Phillip Gill. He first appeared on the Lunenburg Co., VA personal property tax list in 1822. He must have been the next to the youngest child.

Note: The Marriage Records of Mecklenburg Co., VA. show a marriage between Phillip Gill and Mary Ballard, 4 Feb 1817. Phillip Jr. would have needed parental consent, and none is listed. I suspect that Amy Gill had already died, and Phillip Sr. remarried.


The Will of Phillip Gill can be found in Mecklenburg Co., VA., Will Book 17, Page 180.

His will names:

  1. Daughter, Lucy Evans
  2. Daughter-in-law, Mary B. Gill (wife of his son Stephen, deceased)
  3. Son, Drury Gill
  4. Son, Phillip Gill
  5. Son, Francis Gill
  6. Daughter, Amy Freeman

Executors: Sons, Drury and Phillip Gill.

Dated: 23rd August 1849

Probated: Sept. Court 1850

The line of Phillip Gill Jr. will continue, but the following is information about some of his other children:

  1. Elizabeth ABetsy@ Gill married John Stewart 2 June 1816, Lunenburg Co., VA. Marriage Records.
  2. Lucy Gill married (1) Benjamin Thompson 10 Dec 1813, Lunenburg Co.; (2) J. Daniel Evans 1 Dec 1830, Lunenburg Co.
  3. Sally Gill. No further record. Could have died young.
  4. Stephen Gill married Mary B.___. No marriage record found.
  5. Drury Gill married (1) Sinthea Perkins 22 Nov 1830, Warren Co., NC; (2) Eliza B. Felts 30 Sept 1860, Warren Co., NC.
  6. Webster Gill. No marriage records found. He may have moved west to Tennessee with Thrower Freeman and his wife Amy.
  7. Phillip Gill. Line continues.
  8. Francis Gill married Nancy Allen Andrews 17 Oct 1836, Lunenburg Co. He died by 10 June 1844 when his will was probated.
  9. Amy Gill married Thrower Freeman 17 Oct 1826, Lunenburg Co., VA. This family moved to Tennessee.

Note: This information was part of the research done by Katherine Elliott, researcher and author.

Phillip Gill, Jr.

Phillip Gill, Jr. was born 23 Dec 1798, in Lunenburg Co., VA. There are two marriages on record:

(l) Phillip Gill, Jr. and Eliza A. Graham, 22 Dec 1825. (This date differs from the Bible records. Bible states 1826. A letter from Mrs. Grace T. Marshall, Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lunenburg Co., VA, dated Feb 18, 1975, gives the 1825 date, and states that it is recorded in Will Book 8, Page 544. I have not personally checked this source).

(2) Phillip Gill and Nancy Watkins (Ogburn) Simmons, 20 March 1830. Nancy Simmons was the widow of William B. Simmons, and the daughter of Rev. Charles Ogburn and Angelina (Clark) Peete, widow of William Peete of Northampton Co., N.C.

Phillip Jr. died 21 April, 1868 at his residence in Mecklenburg Co., VA. (from a copy of his obituary). His obituary mentions that he leaves a son and a daughter, but no names are listed. From the 1850 census report of Mecklenburg Co., VA., #551, the following is found:
1850 Census Mecklenburg Co., VA
Philip Gill 57 Male Farmer
Nancy W. Gill 50 F
Amy Andrews 38 F
Samuel F. Gill 19 M
Flournoy J. Gill 15 F

Samuel F. Gill and Flournoy J. Gill were his children. From the research of Katherine Elliott, we learn that land which belonged to Phillip Gill was divided between Charles W. Ogburn, husband of Flournoy Gill Obgurn, and Samuel Gill. (From the Survey Book of Paschal Waddill). (The line of Samuel F. Gill will follow).

Flournoy Jane ADink@ Gill was born 18 Feb 1834 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. She married Charles Wesley Ogburn in Warren County, N.C. 13 Dec 1853. Flournoy and Charles had the following children:

  1. John Ogburn, married Ida Gee.
  2. Lina Ogburn, married Thos. D. Elam, 31 Oct 1877, Mecklenburg Co.
  3. Florence Ogburn
  4. Mosby Ogburn, died young
  5. Ashby Ogburn. Married (l) Harriett Jones Petty. They were the parents of nine daughters. Married (2) Elizabeth Richardson Gascoyne. They had one son.

Note: The information on Flournoy Gill from Katherine Elliott.

From AHistory of Methodism and Pleasant Grove Methodist Church@ (located near South Hill, VA., Mecklenburg Co.), we learn that Phillip Gill was a member of the Methodist Church. The first authentic record of membership dates from 1863, and includes ten members. Phillip Gill and Flournoy Ogburn are among the ten listed members.

Samuel Francis Gill

Samuel Francis Gill was born 2 Nov 1831 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. (Bible records). He married Emily W. Arnold 13 Dec 1853 (date of Marriage Bond, Warren Co., NC). She was the daughter of Joseph D. Arnold and Martha W. Harper.

Arnold - Gill Bible. The following record is part of the information contained in an account book, which in 1957, was in possession of Mrs. Nell Edmondson of Baskerville, VA. The complete records are published in AThe Virginia Genealogist@, Vol. 25, 1981.

Samuel F. Gill was born Nov. 2, 1831

Emily W. Gill, nee Arnold, born July 30, 1834 (tombstone says July 29)

Births of children born to them: married Dec 15, 1853

(The handwriting of the births changes with this entry of Samuel F. Gill)

  1. Rosella A. Gill born Feb. 3, 1855 (other source has Rosalia)
  2. Wm. F. Gill born April l, 1857
  3. Martha V. Gill born Sept. 6, 1859
  4. Joseph P. Gill born Aug. 18, 1862
  5. Charles H. Gill born May 22, 1865
  6. Samuel P. Gill born Dec. 29, 1867
  7. Edwin Arnold Gill born June 22, 1870
  8. Mary E. Gill born March 6, 1873
  9. James R. Gill born Jan. 24, 1874 (Family Bible of James R. Gill says b.d. 1876).

Samuel Francis Gill died 19 November 1910. He and his wife are both buried at Shiloh Methodist Church Cemetery, near Union Level and South Hill, VA., Mecklenburg Co.. His obituary found in the ATimes - Dispatch@ Richmond, VA, 20 Nov 1910, mentions that he is survived Aby the following children: Mrs. J.W. Mathews of Brunswick county; Mrs. R.L. Thomas of Lunenburg county; J.T. Gill of Bedford county; W.F., C.H., E.C., S.D., J.R., and Miss Martha V. Gill, of Mecklenburg county.@ (Some of these initials differ slightly from other records). The obituary also gives us the information that Samuel Francis Gill was a soldier of the Confederacy. (Confederate records show that he enlisted 11 Oct 1864 in Mecklenburg Co. He was a private, Co. H., 14 Virginia Inf=y).

Additional information about the children of Samuel Francis Gill and Emily W. Arnold, from the research of Katherine Elliott.

  1. Rosalia Ann Gill m. James William Matthews, 16 Dec 1874. She died 9 Nov 1940. They were the parents of eleven children, all born in Brunswick Co., VA.
  2. William Francis ABuck@ Gill m. Lola Otelia Simmons 20 Dec 1882. He died 20 June 1947. They were the parents of seven children.
  3. Martha V. APattie@ Gill, died 19 January 1915.
  4. Joseph Phillip Gill married (l) Courtney A. Gayle 4 Feb 1886; they had one child. He married (2) Nannie Williamson, 18 Mar 1890. He died 19 June 1912.
  5. Charles Herman Gill m. Margaret Burney AMaggie@ Gayle 20 Dec 1899. He died 9 May 1926. They had eight children.
  6. Samuel Drury Gill m. Martha AMattie@ Louise Land 20 Dec 1899. He died 5 Feb 1936. They had six children.
  7. Edwin Arnold Gill m. Annie White Thomas 19 Dec 1905. He died 18 June 1935. They had five children.
  8. Mary Emily AMay@ Gill m. Lee Richard Thomas 21 Dec 1893. She died 23 Jan 1958. They had one child, (girl), who died at birth.
  9. James Richard Gill. This line carried forward.


James Richard Gill

Almost everywhere you look for an exact birthdate for this man, you find something different, but January, 1876 seems to be fairly accurate. He was born in Mecklenburg Co., VA. He married 24 December 1902, Mecklenburg Co. to Katherine Estell Warren. She was the daughter of Wesley Wilkins Warren and Ellen Jane Smithson.

James Richard Gill died 28 Sept. 1950 in Granville Co., N.C. He and his wife are buried at Pleasant Grove Methodist Church Cemetery, South Hill, VA., Mecklenburg Co.

Children of James Richard Gill and Katherine Estell Warren:

  1. Samuel Wesley Gill, b. 14 Nov 1903; d. l Mar 1974. Married Nancy Lucille Mallette 12 Nov 1922.
  2. James Bernard ADoc@ Gill, b. 21 Mar 1909; d. 11 Apr 1974. Married Jane Dudley Blalock 20 May 1941.
  3. Mary Ellen AMae@ Gill, b. 16 Aug 1912; d. 6 Dec 1995. Married Rufus Harry Mewborn 11 Sept. 1931.
  4. Clarence Hall ABuddy@ Gill, b. 8 May 1914; d. 4 Jan 1968. Married Bess Johnson Webb 22 Feb 1947.

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