Some Descendants of Isaac and Anna (Boucelaire) Guille/Gill a Huguenot Family

Researched by Benjamin C. Toney

Dedicated to the memory of Rosilyn Elizabeth (Gill) Toney 1902-1999, mother of the author.

Isaac and Anna (Boucelaire) Guille, 1st Generation

On October 18, 1685 Louis XIV of France revoked the Edict of Nantes which had granted the Huguenots their religious and political freedom. As a result of this action, 250,000 Protestants fled the country. But, even before the revoking of the edict, dragoons of the kings soldiers were sent out to various parts of France to force the heretics (Huguenots) to convert to the Catholic faith. From 1681 to 1685 these dragoons were allowed to force their way into a Protestants home and lodge until their host converted or until the food ran out. These evil savages had various means of torture which they not only applied to the householder, but also to his wife and children.

Although they had previously had altercations with the Catholic Church, Isaac Guille and his wife Anna were one step ahead of this unpopular dispensation. By September 16, 1685 Isaac and Anna along with their children Magdelene, John, Peter, Stephen, and Joseph were on the Lord Mayor's Waiting Book in London, 1684-6, Vol. 14, page 404 and bound to one Augustine Boullay in Virginia.

Initially, a discovery of a group of Guilles was made by Sue Gill in the Church of St. Pierre in Dreux, France (just west of Paris). In November of 1685, two months after Isaac Guille and his family fled to London, a list of abjurations (recantings) at this church revealed the names of Huguenots who had recanted to avoid a charge of heresy being placed on them. On this list was Isaac Guille and his wife Jacqueline Debeu, Jacquette Basemont widow of Estienne (Stephen) Guille, Madeleine Guille widow of Daniel Preleur, and Jean (John)Guille. It is not known how these other Guilles were related to Isaac, but their names were the same as those of himself and his children. They were possibly close kin to Isaac and his family.

Because of a recent discovery by the author, the records of Isaac Guille and his family were found in the Huguenot Church at Fontaine sous Premont in the commune (local political district) of Ouerre and in the arrondissement (primary political district) of Dreux, France.

In the marriage records of this church, the following was found:

In the baptismal records of the church, the following children and their baptismal dates are given:

Although there are a few inconsistencies, when the above baptismal records are compared with the following records in Virginia, there is little doubt that this is the identical family who lived in France and who later lived in Henrico Co., Virginia.

When they arrived in Virginia, Isaac Guille and his wife Anna were bound for 4 years servitude each. Their children were bound as follows:

In the year 1705 Joseph, John and Stephen Guil were on a long list of people naturalized in Virginia indicating they were not British subjects. The Guils and others were said to be, "Born in France and Other Foreign Countrys";. However, most of those on the list were of French origin.

Shortly after the Guille sons were naturalized, the family anglicized their name to Gill. Nothing is known of the death date of Isaac and Anna; however, it is believed that Isaac was born ca. 1644.

Joseph Sr. and Elizabeth Gill, 2nd Generation

Joseph Gill, Sr. was born in 1677 at Dreux, Eure et Loir, France and died in November of 1732 in Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., VA. About 1700 he married a certain Elizabeth whose maiden name is unknown. Little is known of Joseph, Sr. except that he and his brothers all lived in Henrico Co., VA, the part that later in 1749 became Chesterfield Co. Fortunately, Joseph, Sr. left a will which describes his descendants.

In his will of 6 November 1732 Joseph Gill of Bristol Parish appointed his sons Joseph and Peter to be executors and to divide his estate between his wife Elizabeth and Jacob Gill, Francis Gill, William Gill, and Ann Gill. The will stated, "Item. I give to my sone William the Land I now live on when arrived to the age of one and Twenty but if it should pleas God that my aforesaid sone should Dye before he should arrive at the age of one and Twenty it is my will and pleasure that my sone Francis Gill shall inherit the said Land which is my last will and testament." Dated 19 June 1732. Wit: Wm. Halpin, Will Stiles, Mary Bligh. Recorded 6 Nov. 1732.

Joseph, Jr. and Elizabeth (Gates) Gill, 3rdGeneration

Joseph Gill, Jr. was born before 1711 in Henrico Co., VA. He died ca. 1791 in Halifax

Co., VA. Some time around 1735 he married Elizabeth Gates, daughter of William and Susannah (Epps) Gates. This marriage likely took place in Henrico Co., VA.

Because of numerous land transactions, it appears that this Joseph was a well to do plantation owner. The land records that tend to reveal family information are as follows:

Joseph Gill of Halifax Co.,VA, to brother Francis Gill of Chesterfield Co., VA, 1765, for natural love and affection and for his advancement in the world, and 15 sh. (shillings), 250 acres of land in Halifax Co. on Mayo Creek, 24 Jan. 1765. Wit: Zacharias Bell, Jacob Gill, Joseph Gill. (The witness, Joseph Gill, was probably his son Joseph III.)

In another deed, Joseph Gill, Jr. of Halifax Co., VA deeds to John Sullins of Orange Co. NC, for natural love and affection, and 15 shillings, 200 acres on Sugar Creek adjacent to William Hawkins, 21 Aug. 1766. John Sullins is known to have been the son-in-law of Joseph Gill, Jr. and the husband of Jane, Joseph's daughter. In a deed of gift in Deed Book B, page 15, 1793 in Rutherford Co., NC, Joseph Gill gives to his daughter Jane Sullins a slave named Betty. This was after Joseph's death and was likely a part of her inheritance.

There are two other deeds where Joseph Gill, Jr. appears to be giving land to his sons-in-law, however, the wives of these men are presently unknown:

Joseph Gill of Lunenburg Co., VA, to William Hawkins , Jr. for natural love and affection, 200 acres on Mayo Creek in Parish of Antrim, 17 June 1762. Wit: James Mc

Daniel, Joel Blackwell. On the same date, Joseph Gill to John Childress for love and affection, 205 acres. Wit: Isaac Johnson, Joel Blackwell. (It should be noted that Joseph Gill, Jr. owned land in both Lunenburg and Halifax Cos., VA.)

Another record which revealed another daughter of Joseph Gill, Jr. was the marriage of his daughter Patsy Gill, b. 1764, married Jan. 1789 in Rutherford Co., NC to John Goode.

Joseph III and Martha (Hopson) Gill, 4thGeneration

Joseph Gill III was born before 1747 in Henrico Co., VA and died after 1810 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. In about 1780 he married Martha Hopson, daughter of Captain Henry Hopson and his wife Martha Neville. Martha Neville was the daughter of Captain James Neville and his wife Lucy (Thomas) Neville. (Details of Captain Henry Hopson's family were revealed in the Kentucky Explorer Magazine in a column called "Genealogy From the Long Ago."

Martha (Hopson) Gill had a sister, Lucy Elizabeth Hopson,who was married to John Lumpkin. John Lumpkin was important for framing the constitution for the State of Georgia. Their son Wilson Lumpkin was Governor of the State of Georgia 1831-1835. Another son, Joseph Henry Lumpkin was Georgia's first Chief Justice.

It appears that Martha Gill died in the latter part of 1794. She was a lady of means and at that time a woman with this standing managed her own accounts and made her own will aside from that of her husband. It is my own opinion, but I believe that she chose her husband's brother-in-law John Goode to administer her estate, and her properties were given to her children in the following manner:

page 8 of Book 32 of Rutherford Co., NC Abstracts of Wills “Jno. Goode to Peter Gill and others. Gift, Oct. ct 1794. Jno. Goode, planter, gives to Peter Gill, cousin, 1 Negro boy named Jack, Cousin Sally Gill, 1 Negro woman named Jude and heirs of her body; Cousin Joseph Gill, Jr. slaves named Jo, Judy and Bob. The 1st living child Judy brings to be given to William Gill. Cousin Jenny Gill 1 Negro girl Nance. Henry Gill 1 Negro boy named George. Cousin John L. Gill 1 Negro boy named Tom. Also to Peter Gill, Sally Gill, Jenny Gill, Henry Gill, William Gill, William Gill (repeated), and John Lumkins Gill 1 Negro man named Sam to be equally divided and if any Negro dies, Sam to be put in the place. The children receive their portion as they come of age or marry”. Wit: William Hawkins, Junr, William Hawkins, Senior.

It should be noted that it is not likely that John Goode was a cousin to the above children. The word “cousin” is used to describe any relative of blood kin or marriage beyond that of a sibling, when used loosely. John Goode was known to be their uncle by marriage.

William Hawkins, Jr. who was a witness in the above deed of gift was another uncle by marriage of the children of Joseph Gill III.

In 1795, before making his trek to Georgia, Joseph left his younger children with his brother-in-law William Hopson. The court record of Rutherford Co., NC in 1795 says that William Hopson was appointed guardian of Joseph Gill's children: Henry, William, John and Jane. All these children were between 5 and 10 years of age. At this time Joseph Gill IV was about 12 years of age and he accompanied his father to Oglethorpe Co., GA. Nothing is known of Peter and Sally Gill after their appearance in the deed of gift.

In the year 1800 Joseph Gill III was in the Oglethorpe Co., GA Census as a single head of household over 45 years of age with no children and 6 slaves. By 1805 Joseph Gill IV had appeared in Oglethorpe Co. and he and his father both appeared on the Land Lottery List in that county. They were both on the 1810 Land Lottery List, and after that there was no record of Joseph Gill III.

One of the first deeds recorded for Joseph Gill in Oglethorpe Co., GA was in Deed Book D, page 67 where Joseph sold two slaves to Joshua Grinage (husband of Sarah Gill, daughter of William Gill of Mechlenburg Co., VA ) of Columbia Co., GA. He stated that the slaves were in possession of Wm. Hopson in Rutherford Co., NC. This was the same Joshua Grinage who witnessed a codicil to the will of William Gill in Mechlenburg Co., VA. The degree of relationship of these Gills is unknown.

As Joseph and Martha Gill's family grew up, they also grew apart. Henry and Jane apparently remained with their uncle William Hopson in Rutherford Co., NC. They likely married in that area and when William left for Tennessee after 1810, they made the long, arduous trip with him. For some reason, Henry and Jane/Jenny remained in White and Warren Cos., TN while William Hopson continued on to Christian Co., KY. It is known that Jane married a man named Harrell Byars and both she and Henry died before 1850. Joseph IV, John L., and William Gill remained in Georgia for a time then moved on to Alabama.

Joseph Gill, IVwas born ca. 1783 in Halifax Co. VA. He married Nancy Manley on Nov. 10, 1802 in Oglethorpe Co., GA. Nancy was born ca. 1788 in VA and both Joseph and Nancy died in 1857 in Jefferson Co., AL. Joseph was listed in the 1805 Land Lottery of Oglethorpe Co., GA with his father Joseph III. and was later in the 1820 Morgan Co., GA Census with his brother John Gill. He was also found in the 1822 Morgan Co., GA Tax List. Joseph was not often in the tax list. The reason may have been that he was following the grocer profession that he later followed in Alabama. He may not have been a property owner. About 1820 or 1821 Joseph and his brother John left Morgan Co., GA for Jefferson Co., Alabama. In Deed Book 3 of Jefferson Co. dated 7 Feb. 1828, Joseph sold a mare to Gersham Kelly. This was one of the first records of Joseph Gill in Alabama. He was shown as Joseph W. Gill.

A very valuable Deed of Gift supplied to the author by Doris Thorn revealed the names of the older children of Joseph and Nancy (Manley) Gill. This deed was found in Deed Book H, page 110 in Oglethorpe Co., GA, and created 15 May1812 by Robert Freeman who made a Deed of Gift to John L. Gill, Lucinda Gill, Marshall M. Gill, Joseph M. Gill and the heirs that Joseph Gill may have by the present wife Nancy Gill (Thus, meaning that if Joseph Gill should remarry, the issue from that marriage would not be eligible to benefit from this legacy.) The deed was for a negro girl, Feeby, and her increase.

In that Robert Freeman was predisposed to give to only the children of Nancy Gill, it is likely that he was a close friend or relative of Nancy, possibly a brother-in-law. Freeman was known to have been a Justice of the Peace and later a State Representative from Oglethorpe County. He died at Troup Co., GA in 1840 having no living children at the time, He possibly never had any children which may account for him being drawn to the children of Joseph and Nancy Gill.

The known children of Joseph and Nancy Gill are as follows:

William Gill was born ca. 1789 in SC. Because of two of his sons having the middle name "Karr/Kerr", it is possible that his wife was a member of the Karr/Kerr family.

There was over a twenty year period that William and his family were not found in the census records. Finally he appeared in the 1840 Jefferson Co., AL Census as a single head of household. Later on July 12, 1841 he married Rutha Igoe in Jefferson Co., AL. In 1850 William and his wife Rutha appeared in the Shelby Co., AL Census. Both were shown to be 60 years of age, and both were born in SC. No children were listed in this census. The likely children of William Gill and his first wife were:

1. William Karr Gill was born ca. 1814 in SC. He married Anna Skaggs on Aug. 27, 1836 in Jefferson Co., AL. In 1850 William K. Gill and his rather large family were found in the census at Malvern, Hot Spring Co., AR. Some years later William and Rutha Gill joined William K. Gill and his family at Malvern, suggesting that the two Williams were father and son. The children of William Karr and Anna (sometimes called Arsona/Arsena) Gill were:

2. Joseph Karr Gill was born ca. 1826 (his tombstone says 1838) and died in 1904. In about 1847 he married Susan Ellen Igo, b. 1828; d.1898. Both Joseph and Ellen are buried in the Patton Chapel Cemetery in Jefferson Co. AL. In 1846 Joseph enlisted in the Jefferson Co., Militia at the time of the Mexican War. He was a private whose name was given as Joseph Carr Gill. However, other records he was shown as Joseph K. Gill. In the Civil War, Joseph K. Gill enlisted in the Alabama 43rdInf., Co. G and was a Sergeant in that company. Joseph K. and Susan E. Gill had the following children:

3. Henry Hopson Gill (named for his gr. grandfather Captain Henry Hopson of Revolutionary War fame) was born ca.1828 (the 1860 Jefferson Co., AL census says 1830) likely in GA or AL. At the time of the Mexican War of 1846, Henry joined the Jefferson Co., AL Militia as a Private. In the roster of troops his full name was given as Henry Hopson Gill. Henry married 1st(Julia) Abigail Diffey on Jan. 12, 1853. He married 2ndMary J. Shoemaker on Dec. 10, 1866. Joseph L. Igoe acted as security for both of these marriages. (He was likely Henry's stepbrother.) Licenses for both of these marriages were issued in Jefferson Co., AL; however, only the first marriage contained a minister's return. It appears that Henry's marriage to Julia had dissolved by 1864, and Julia had removed to Calhoun Co. AL where she married Jeremiah Lister on 20 Oct. 1864.

In 1880 Henry's second wife, Mary Jane, was listed as a widowed cook in the poor house with four children who were likely to have been hers. It is my belief that at this point in time Henry had died and that Mary Jane had become a widow indeed. Others believe that Henry resurfaced and had two more children, and that his widow was found in Walker Co., AL with three different children, one of which was old enough to have appeared in the 1880 census, but was not there.

The children of Henry H. and Julia Abigail Gill were:

The children of Henry H. and Mary Jane Gill were likely:

4. Eleanor M. Gill who was born ca. 1820 in GA. She married David H.

Vance on 14 March 1840 in Jefferson Co., AL. In the 1850 Jefferson Co., AL census David H. Vance was shown as a single head of household.

John Lumpkin Gill, Sr. and Elizabeth (Diffey) Gill, 5th Generation

John L. Gill, Sr. was born ca. 1790 in SC and died in 1878 in Jefferson Co., AL. at the age of 88 years. Because of recent information reported by Cynthia Ross Gill, it appears that John L. Gill was married twice. In the will of Samuel Earle drafted in November 1831 in Pickens Co., SC the following statement was made: “to the children of John Lumpkin Gill of AL - land (already given) & 3 lots in Village of Andersonville, etc”. The implication here might be that the three elder children of John Gill, Eliza Gill b. ca. 1814, Henry Gill b. ca. 1815 and William Harrison Gill b. ca. 1816 could be the children of a daughter of Samuel Earle. The fact that Samuel Earle's wife was Harriet (Harrison) Earle also would suggest that William whose middle name was “Harrison” could have had a familial connection to her.

Samuel Earle was a very wealthy man who had been a state representative of SC. He was later a United States Representative from the 4thCongressional District of SC. And, in 1790 he attended the Constitutional Convention in SC for the adoption of the U.S. Constitution.

About 1821 John Gill met and married Elizabeth Diffey, daughter of William and Margaret Diffey said to be a Westmoreland. It is likely this marriage took place in Jefferson Co., AL. The Diffeys had been in Alabama since 1818 when Elizabeth's sister, Abigail, married Thaddeus Reid in Madison Co., AL.

In an old letter written by Aunt Chris (Gee) Turner, sister-in-law of John L. Gill, Jr., she stated that Margaret Diffey was a full blood Cherokee Indian lady. If this was indeed true, Margaret's father apparently adopted the name Westmoreland. This was not unusual because the great Cherokee Sequoyah adopted the name George Gist, and I have known other Cherokees who did the same. We had to get this Cherokee blood from someone. Why not Margaret Diffey?

While we are on the subject of the Cherokees, one might note that John L. Gill, Sr.'s first cousin Wilson Lumpkin was the Governor of Georgia who made plans for the removal of the Cherokees and other members of the five civilized tribes from Georgia. These trtibes were set out on a forced march from Georgia to Oklahoma in an extremely cold, midwinter period. Our Cherokee brothers and sisters have labeled this devastating event which killed between 4,000 and 6,000 souls, "The Trail of Tears". One would wonder how John L Gill, Sr. would have felt about this onslaught, having a wife who was half Cherokee. It seemed that Lumpkin was quite proud of his achievement, in that he had separated the whites and the Indians and had brought peace to the area. Yes, he brought peace, but what a price was paid by the Cherokees.

In 1817 and 1818 John L. Gill, Sr. was listed on the Morgan Co., GA Tax List; however, subsequent tax lists did not make it clear as to whether the "John" listed was John L. Gill or John Gill who had a will there in 1831. There was a John Gill listed thereon long after John L. Gill had gone to Alabama. John L. Gill was also on the 1820 Morgan Co., GA Census with his wife and a daughter under 10 years of age. There should have been two boys under 10 on this census, but in those days it took several years to collect the census, and one cannot tell when the census was reported. John L. Gill. Sr. had a rather large family, to wit:

Children who may have been the issue of John L. Gill Sr. and Samuel Earle's daughter:

1. Eliza Gill, b. ca. 1814 in Morgan Co., GA and died in 1860 in Mobile, Co., AL. She married Edmund Hewlet Boyd on 23 July 1834 in Jefferson Co., AL. She later married Elbert G. Warren on Oct. 8, 1843 in Blount Co. AL and lived in Mobile Co., AL. Her children are as follows:

Children of Eliza and Edmund H. Boyd:

Children of Eliza and Elbert G. Warren:

2. Henry K. or H. Gill was born in Morgan Co., GA ca. 1815. At the time of the 2ndCreek Indian War 1836-37, Henry, along with his cousin Joseph Mote Gill, joined the Jefferson Co., AL Militia. He was reported by one of his fellow soldiers to have been a stagecoach driver.

In a deposition given to W.P. Hickman at the 1878 settlement of the estate of John L. Gill, Sr., it stated, 'I am acquainted with the heirs of John L. Gill dec'd. They are: "H.K. Gill, over the age of twenty one years and died in the State of Texas, leaving no widow or children."(The deponent was not identified and his testimony is questionable.)

3. William Harrison Gill, b. ca. 1816 in Morgan Co., GA and died in 1857 in Jefferson Co., AL. In 1850 he was in his father's household in Jefferson Co., AL and shown as single and as a stagecoach driver.

Children who were the issue of John L. Gill Sr. and Elizabeth Diffey:

James Diffey Gill (named for his uncle, James Diffey) was born ca. 1822 in Jefferson Co., AL He enlisted in the Jefferson Co., AL Militia in 1846 at the time of the Mexican War. The 1850 Jefferson Co., AL Census shows him in his father's household, single, and a stage driver. Little else is known of James.

Peter Gill was born 8 July 1825 in Jefferson Co., AL and died 1April 1870 in Milam Co., TX. On July 27, 1854 he married Mary Elizabeth Boles in Blount Co., AL. Mary was born Nov. 20, 1838. In the 1850 census Peter was in Franklin Co., AL with a wife Nancy and an infant son John. Ten years later in the Anderson Co. TX Census, he was shown with his wife Mary and two sons, John age 3, and Henry age 2. I fail to see why he would have two sons named John. Perhaps his first wife and son died and he named the second John in honor of the first.Peter Gill enlisted in the Jefferson Co., AL Militia in 1847 at the time of the Mexican War and was discharged on 3 July 1848, single, a blacksmith, and 23 years of age. The children of Peter Gill and Mary Boles were:

Joseph Gill was born 23 Aug. 1827 and died Oct. 9, 1921 in Jefferson Co., AL. On Jan. 25, 1874 he married Martha Eaton a daughter of James Eaton. Except for his brother John L. Gill, Jr., Joseph was the only one of his family to enlist for the Civil War. He first entered the service as a Private in Oct. 1862 at Talladega, AL in the 1st Engineering Corps, Co. B of the Confederate Army and continued on until the close of the war. During the war, he gained the rank of Sergeant. The following female is likely a daughter of Joseph Gill by an early marriage:

Joseph and Martha Eaton Gill had the following children:

7. John L. Gill, Jr., next ancestor

8. Margaret J. Gill was born ca. 1831 in Jefferson Co., AL. She was still single in 1878 at the time of her father's death. Little else is known of Margaret.

9. Charles Curtis Gill was born ca. 1833 in Jefferson Co., AL. On 4 Dec.1855 he married Mary M. Williams.

Known children of Charles and Mary Williams Gill were:

John Lumpkin Gill, Jr. and Malissa Caroline (Gee) Gill, 6 Generation

John L. Gill, Jr. was born ca. 1829 in Jefferson Co., AL. He married Malissa Caroline Gee, the daughter of Samuel and Margaret (Kennedy) Gee and granddaughter of Eason and Abigail (Davis) Gee on July 3, 1850 in Jefferson Co., AL. In 1854 John and Caroline removed to Springville, Wood Co. TX (now called Emory, Rains Co. TX) with Samuel Gee. Soon after their arrival inTexas in 1861, the Civil War (which was not so civil)came along and John joined the 2ndCo. of the 12thBrigade of the Wood Co. Militia and joined the Confederate forces in the war. In about 1862 (The Masonic Lodge of which he was a member says 1861.) he returned home where he died of overexposure to the elements. John L. Gill, Jr. and Caroline had two daughters and two sons:

Claud Persepher and Etta Drucilla (Potts) Gill, 7th Generation

Claud Persepher Gill was born in Wood Co., Tx on May 15, 1859 and died near Emory, TX on August 25, 1916, and is buried in the Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery in Rains Co., TX. He married Etta Drucilla Potts, daughter of William James Potts and Sarah Elizabeth (Mitchell) Potts on June 10, 1900 in Polk Co., TX. Claud and Etta had the following children:

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