Of Hopkins County, Kentucky

Compiled by Marion G. Hammers, Madisonville, KY

The County of Hopkins, State of Kentucky, was formed from Henderson County, Kentucky in 1807. As early as this, there were GILLS in Hopkins County, but not yet proven if they were the ancestors of JAMES GILL, the first proven Gill to be the ancestor of the present day GILLS.

In 1807, George Gill had 1268 acres of land which originally had been entereed and surveyed under the names of the folloiwing: Wm. Downing, George McCowan, George Gill and Wm Carter. Information above and below from Tax Lists.

In 1808, William Gill next appears with 200 acres on Clear Creek, surveyed by Geo. McCowan. George Gill is shown with 500 acres on Clear and Flat Creeks, surveyed by Wm. Downing and George Gill.

1811, Joseph Gill appears on the Tax Lists of Hopkins County, but has no land. Also George Gill, who has 316 acres on Clear Creek and Mary Gill with 200 acres on Clear Creek.

These are the only Gill names which appearexcept in 1813, George Gill's name appears for the last time in Hopkins County as a residenty and tax payer.

1817, both Joseph and Mary Gill are shown in Tax Lists. But in 1819, a man named Mooney was agent for George and Mary Gill. In 1820, no Gills are shown in Hopkins Co., Tax Lists.

1820, Isaac Gill appears for the first time on the Tax Lists with land on Elk Creek.

1823, Richard L. Graham was agent for Mary Gill and Isaac Gill has 2 acres on Flat Creek.

1824, Richard S. Graham (who was the son in law of Mary Gill, see Deed Book 2, page 264) is agent for Mary and George Gill.

1825, Isaac Gill shown on Flat Creek, and still shown is Mary Gill.

1826, Isaac Gill with ¾ acre on Flat Creek, and Richard S. Graham is shown as agent for Mary Gill, deceased/

1827 and 1828, Isaac Gill the only Gill in Hopkins County. In 1829, he may still have been in Hopkins County, but records is so badly stained it is un-readable.

1830 to 1841, there were no Gills in Hopkins County, and then in 1842, a Wm. Y. Gill is shown for only this year. ( NOTE: Wm. Y. Gill was the son of Isaac and Ann Caroline......Edward A. Gill)

1843 to early 1859m there were no Gills in Hopkins County. Where did allof them go? The following Courthouse records, of Wills, Deeds, etc. will show the location of some of tjem. These records will also show the rrelationship of most of them to each other.


December 18m\, 1818, Deed Book 2, page 264, Mary Gill of Hopkins County , Kentucky, appoints her friend (and son-in-law...EAG), Richard Graham of said county to dispose of all her property in the state of Kentucky. She names the following sons to receive certtain sums of money: George GILL, William Gill (my great-grandfather...EAG), Isaac Gill and Joseph Gill. And also to the lawful heirs of her deceased daughter, Mary Bishop. Also to her daughter, Hannah Graham and Richard S. Graham. Signed, sealed in the presence of us; Joseph Gill and Martha B. Gill. Sam Woodson, Clerk.

Deed Book 2, pages 265-266, year 1818. george Gill and Mary Gill, also Joseph Gill sell land to George Hill, Richard S. Graham and Woodford Jones. This land on Clear Creek and Rose Creek, the latter a branch of Tradewater.

Deed Book 2, page 322, Nov. 26, 1818, George Gill of Lawrence County, Missouri Territory, sells land in Hopkins County on Rose Creek, the waters of Tradewater.

Deed Book 5, page 388, Aug. 27, 1829. Joseph Gill of Howard County, Missouri, appoints Richard S. Graham, of Hopkins County, Kentucky, to collect any monies due him from the esdstate of Mary Gill, deceased.

Deed Book 4, page 412, Aoril 11, 1825 (this record should have preceded the one above) Isaac Gill on the 10th day of March 1823 executed to Mary Gill, both of Hopkins County, Kentucky, a mortgage on a slave named John for $90.651/2.. Now debt being paid, relinquishes said Isaac Gill of all obligation. Signed: Mary Gill .

Deed Book 13, page 197, April 22, 1847, Catherine Gill of Person County, North Carolina appoints B. M. Winstead as her attorney to receive all monies due her in the estate of Manley Winstead, deceased which is part of her legacy in Hopkins County, Kentucky.

The foregoing records are the only records of Gills in early Hopkins County, in the Will and Deed records. We learn from the above that Mary Gill was mother to George, Joseph, William, Isaac, Mary (Gill) Bishop, deceased, and Hannah (Gill) Graham, wife of Richard S. Graham. From these records also, we see that both George and Joseph Gill located in Missouri, George in Lawrence County, Joseph in Howard County. By 1829, all Gills had left Hopkins County, bur not known yet where the others moved to.

(NOTE: William (my great-grandfather) moved with his wife, Mary Ann McReynolds, to Sullivan County, Indiana and both are buried there. Isaac and wife, Caroline, moved to Henderson County, Kentucky and Isaac died there in 1834. His wife, Ann Caroline, died in Henderson County in 1839 .....Edward Addison Gill )

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