1. John GILL was born about 1750 in England (Probably). 1,2 Skenesborough, Washington Cty, NY is now called Whitehall, and it is located at the South end of Lake Champlain. This settlement has an interesting history. It was started in 1765 as a grant of 25,000 acres of land by King George, III to a Major Philip Skene. Skene was born in London in 1725 of Scotch parents. Along with 24 associates, he intended to establish the Township of Skenesborough, giving each family a track of 1000 acres. One of the associates was a John GILL. The settlement of Skenesborough apparently thrived, with the operation of a saw mill and the mining of Iron Ore. Through purchases and additional grants, the Township grew to over 56,000 acres. However as a British subject during the Revolutionary War (he had previously left military service), Skene was twice imprisoned. In 1779 the State of NY confiscated his property, and Skene and his son were declared enemies of the State. Despite articles supporting his cause, in the peace treaty signed by Great Britain and the United States after the war, Skene was never able to get his land restored to him. The land was sold off at a fraction of it's value. He served in the military in 1775 in Albany Cty Militia, 17th Regt, Revolutionary War as a 2LT. 3,4 His military service still has to be substantiated. He died Unknown in Skenesborough (Whitehall), Washington Cty, NY. 5  

John GILL had the following children:

+2 i. Samuel GILL (born in 1769) (note that this connection to this particular John Gill is not clearly documented.).

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