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HISTORICAL Collections of Joseph Habersham Chapter, DAR, Vol. III, Published 1910; RG 929.1 Daug V.3, page 91


Section entitled “THE CARROLLS, HENDESONS AND HATCHFORDS, COL, WALLACE” with the following note:


“(The following narrative, I think taken by Dr. Logan, is not indicated who derived from,--perhaps “Col. Wallis” or Wallace, of York:--L.C.D.)”


Page 91-“Hook’s Defeat.—When the Whigs approached at Hauk’s defeat, they supposed they would find him about White’s Mill, on Big Fishing Creek: two of them got separated from the company (of Whigs) at that point, and wandered off to old John Gill’s, where Mary Gill, his daughter, who afterwards became the wife of Capt. John Mills.  Mary undertook to pilot them through the forest to the main road; the night was dark and the way intricate—she tied a white handkerchief around her neck and walked before them two miles to the road, and then bidding them God speed, returned alone.  The men mistook the water in the pond for the camp of Hauk. Mary was then interested for Mills.”


“Cornwallis encamped on Turkey Creek at Wm. And John Hillhouse’s; he also encamped on the same at the Quin road (or Twin road) and Howell’s Ferry—Wm. Carr then lived there; it is now owned by Wm. Berry.”


“(End of this narrative.—L.C.D.)”


Historical Collections of the Georgia Chapters, DAR, Vol. V REF GEORGIA 929.1 Daug V.5 page 169


Section entitled MARRIAGE RECORDS; Oglethorpe County, Georgia


GILL, Benjamin and Polly Smith                     November 22, 1808

GILL, Brand and Elizabeth Gill                      August 21, 1817

GILL, Joseph and Sally Spears                       November 10, 1808


Records of Effingham County, Georgia Containing Annals of Georgia Vol. II and Effingham County Legal Records from The Georgia Genealogical Magazine: Part 2-Effingham County Legal Records from The Georgia Genealogical Magazine, 1976, Southern Historical Press; GEORGIA 929.3758 WILS V.2


Section entitled (Deed Book “C-D”) page 43

“(p.11)  JESSE MIXON, BENJAMIN COOK, WILLIAM COOK, ROBERT KELLY and MICHAEL PHILLIPS, all of Eff. Co., “joint-heirs of Rachel Shorter, dec’d”, to HENRY WEBB of same county, oldest son of said Rachel Phillips.  Deed of Gift dated March 15, 1793, conveying “all such goods and chattels as were laid off for his use by his grandmother, Rachel Shorter, dec’d., viz: Mare, saddle and bridle, horned cattle, feather bed and furniture. Wit: Robert McCall, James Gill.”


Historical Collections of the Georgia Chapters National Society, D.A.R., Vol. III, 1930 (RG 929.1 Daug Vol 3 1929) Returns of Administrators & Guardians-Book called Book 1791-1803 Mixed Records, consisting of Book “A”, “B”, & “C”, Bound Together


Book “A”

“BRAZDAL, JOHN—dec’d.  John Gill applied for letter of administration May 26, 1794. Caveat filed June 2, 1794, Mary Brazadal vs. John Gill”


“PINION, THOMAS and wife Ann—Folio 66—To William Black and William Rogers, jointly, 200 acres orig. grant 1787 to John Mobley, this being the north tract of said tract divided by agreement, adj. John Brasel, John Gill and John Ferguson. Nov. 17, 1792. James Bell, J.P., Francis Cook, J.P. Test.”


Elbert County, Georgia

Deed Book “D”

“BELL, JAMES and wife Olive—Folio 24—To George Wyche, 216 acres including the plantation where John Gill formerly lived.  Dec. 23, 1796. Peter Wyche, Test.”



“Explanatory. There was passed at Savannah on the 7th of June, 1777, “An Act for opening a land office and for the better settling and strengthening this State.””


“Headrights and bounty warrants were issued during the Revolution by the Executive Council, and the grants signed by the Governor.  Land courts were established later in the counties and the Justices of the Peace were Commissioners to issue warrants.  Many of these were no doubt bounty grants which had not been taken up, although no reference is made of this. Others were headrights, a single man being entitled to 100 acres, men of family to the same themselves, and 50 acres each for wife and children. In some instances a grant of 50 acres was issued as children were born. Many of these warrants were sold by the grantees which explains certain men taking up large tracts.”


“July 4, 1791—Present, Richardson Hunt, Reuben Allen, Thos. Scott, Esqrs.

John Gill, in lieu of old warrant.”


“July 7, 1794—Present, R. Hunt, S. Higginbotham, F. Cook, Esqrs.

John Gill, old warrant 600 acres, 316 issued to J. Bell.”


Draws: Major David Dobbs’s Battalion, Capt. Dobb’s District:

Gill, Elizabeth, Orphan of Robert Gill            1 draw


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