John G. Gill Last Will

In the name of God, Amen. I John G. Gill of the County of Carroll & State of Tennessee being of sound mind and memory Thanked be to God for the same - But calling to mind the uncertainty of life and the certainty of Death do therefore make ordain constitute & declare this written Instrument be my last will and Testament - revoking and making null and void all other and former wills made by me heretofore - and again declare this will & Testament my last will & Testament fixed. I will my body to the earth to be buried in a decent & christian like manner & my soul I commend to the hands of God hopeing he will again receive it as he gave it for what earthly thing it has pleased God to bless me with I will and dispose of in the following manner - first my wish & will is that all my debts be honestly & punctually paid - Secondly I will & bequeath unto my Brother Charles G. Gill one bay mare which is now in Madison County and State of Tennessee & also the half of a Jack called John Bull, secondly I give and bequeath unto my Brother Thomas Gill two negros to wit, a negro girl by the name of Sillen & a negro boy by the name of Jim which two negros are now in Madison County & State of Tennessee - I also give to my Brother Thomas Gill all the ballance of my estate both real and personal except one silver watch which I give and bequeath to my Brother Joseph Gill & lastly I hereby constitute & appoint nominate and ordain my Brother Thomas Gill my executor to this my last will & Testament - in witness whereof I do to this my last will set my hand & seal this 29th day of November 1837.

John G. Gill, Senr.

Signed sealed & published in our presence - we have herein subscribed our names in the presence of the testator this 29th day of Novem. 1837

R. R. Moore, Joshua Park.

State of Tennessee)

Carroll County Court) January Term 1838

This day the last will and testament of John G. Gill was produced in open Court & the execution thereof was duly proven by the oaths of R. R. Moore & Joshua Parks as being his last will and Testament for the purposes therein contained and ordered by the court that said Will be recorded.

A Copy Test

G. Hern Clerk

By J. R. Smith, D. C.

Barbara Thomas March 2009

I show that Charles G. Gill was in Madison Co. TN in 1857

William Gill born in 1760 in Orange County, NC - moved to Person Co., NC and married Mary Pool

His father was Gabriel Davey and he moved to TN with his children in 1814

One of the daughters of the original Davy family married a Gill and raised a large family in Person CO. on the opposite side of Hico Farm which belonged to William Davie. The Gills numbered 13 children, some of the sons moving to Madison Co. TN in the early part of the 19th century, where they became very wealthy. William Davy (son of the origianl Davy raised a family of 12 children. They had a land grant of their father, William Davy, for services in the NC forces in the Revolution of 1776, as the colony of NC owned the TN territory and when the colony entered the U.S., they deeded the TN lands to the General Government, reserving the right for their soldier to locate in TN territory.

Gabe Davy in company with four Gill cousins located in TN on 5,000 acres of land

And also to note that I show WIlliam Davied that died in 1866 married Mary B. Pool - you show a Thomas Pool in the last paragraph of your e-mail.

If you think this is the family you are looking for, Please e-mail back and I'll get more info.



William's father was Gabriel Davie, Sr. died in 1791 (wife Elizabeth Bumpass)

His will is recorded in Person County. It names wife Elizabeth and seven sons. His will names no daughters though subsequent proceedings involving the interpretation of Gabriel Davey's will make clear that he had at least two and possibly three daughters. Sarah married Issac Vanhook and Elizabeth married Robert Gill.

William Davie born around 1760 in Orange County, NC and died in 1813 in Granville Co. NC

Robert (some places it says Roger????) Gill married a daugher of Gabriel Davie.

William married Margaret (Peggy Jones in 1783 in Granville Co., NC) They died in 1813,1815 with the sons moving to Madison County, TN or nearby with four Gill cousins

There was a William Davey of Bladen Co. NC There are some Davy/Davey/Davie's in early VA records. Nugent's Cavaliers and Pioneers.

Interesting: court document 8/10/1827 in Madison Co. TN - heirs of Gabriel Davie were named: Robert Davey, Robert Gill, John Davey, Gabriel Davie, heirs of Edward Day, William Davey, heirs of Ashbourn Davey, James Davey, and heirs of Isaac Vanhook.

I show a Thomas Gill Davie that was brother to Gabriel Jones Davie. Thomas' father was William B. Davie and his mother was Mary Pool.

Sara Davie Luna wrote an article about the Davies in TN and Ky for the Montgomery Co, Genealogical Society in 1974 or 75. It was in one of their journals - might be worth requesting.

Hope this helps - let me know!


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