Will Book 1

Page 58: Inventory of Estate of Peter Gill. Items included household items, livestock, shoemaker's tools, tobacco, 3 Negroes. No date given. Signed by John Woodham.

Page 31: Will of William Gates. Dated March 13, 1750 Names sons: Edward, William, James Names daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Lucy. To Joseph Gill, son of Joseph Gill, land joining on the said Joseph Gill's land. Wife: Susannah Gates.  Witnesses: Elizabeth Jackson (mark), Ralph Jackson, John Spain

Page 119: The Sale of Two Thirds of the Estate of Peter Gill, dec'd. Date: 27 June 1752. Purchaser's included: George Cogbill, Peter Fitzpatrick, Ralph Jackson, Isaac Freeland, Daniel Nunnally Jr., William Perkinson son of Seth, Ephraim Blankenship, John Rowlett, William Blaikley, Charles Burton Jr., Henry Winfrey, William Moore Jr., James Franklyn, John Gibbs, Charles Burton Senr., Francis Osborne, Ralph Jackson, George Grisset?.

Page 175: Will of Peter Gill of Dale Parish and Chesterfield Co. Item: To brother, Francis Gill, the track of land he now lives on containing 378 acres. Item: To Ann Thursby's son, Daniel, 200 acres which adjoins the said Francis on the Ready Branch. Item: To son, Peter, by said Ann Thursby, 200 acres at a place called Sith's.

  1. Item: To son, Shadreck, by the said Thursby, 200 acres adjoining my son Peter's.
  2. Item: To the child, if a son, which said Thursby is now pregnant with, all the remainder of my land which adjoins old Mr. Thomas Dance.
  3. Item: To Ann Thursby, 50 acres on Swift Creek, then to her son Peter. Item: To my three daughters, Mary, Ann, and Elizabeth, three lots and a half in Pocerhunters.
  4. Item: Ann Thursby to live on the Plantation until her son comes to age of 21.

Executors: Capt. John Robertson and Robert Gill. The Estate was to be kept together for schooling and bringing up Ann Thursby's children until they come to the age of 21. The rest was to be divided among Thursby's children, all but Daniel, mentioning Mary, Peter, Shadreck, Ann, and Elizabeth. Tools be to divided between Peter, Shadreck, and Daniel. Peter Gill (mark) Dated 7 Feb. 1755.  Witnesses: Francis Dison, Samuel Jones, Will Blaikley

Page 179: Will of Stephen Gill of Dale Parish and Chesterfield Co. Item: To son, Joseph Gill, 600 acres whereon he now lives, part of a tract of 900 acres in said county. Also other items.

  1. Item: To son, Robert Gill, 300 acres, part of the said 900 acres lying in the lower end.
  2. Also all that part of my land lying on the south side of the White Oak Branch. Also other items, including a Negro, Simon, after decease or marriage of Stephen's wife, Martha.
  3. Item: To son, James Gill, all that part of my land whereon I now live, lying on the north side of White Oak Branch; also a small piece of land lying on the south side thereof being that is above the (Sarosen?) Slash. Also one Negro man, Jack, after death or marriage of said wife, Martha.
  4. Item: To wife, Martha Gill, free use & property of said land and Plantation during widowhood. Also two Negroes named Toney and Pegg. After her death, I give Toney to my son, Robert Gill, and the Negro woman named Pegg to son, James. Item: To daughter, Martha Gill, some household furniture, plus a Negro woman, Sarah and her child Will, after death or marriage of said wife, Martha. Item: To daughter, Amy Gill, one Negro girl, Fanny. Some household items and some livestock.

Executors: "my two sons Joseph Gill and Robert Gill."  Dated: 5 March 1753. Stephen Gill (mark) Witnesses: Francis Dison, William Perkinson, William Herringham

Page 230: Appraisal of Estate of Peter Gill, deceased. No dates given. Signed by James Robertson, Thomas Dance, and Field Archer.

Page 374: Will of Webster Gill. Dated Jan. 5, 1753. Webster Gill of Chesterfield Co. Leaves all Estate to brother, John Gill, both real and personal.  Webster Gill (mark)  Witnesses: James Robertson, Mary Westbrook (mark), Thomas Dance Jun'r.

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