5Absolom Barney Gill born 8 Sept. 1781 Baltimore, MD to John Gill, 3rd (born 1763), died 19 Jan. 1848.   (1Stephen c1673-1734 /  2John 1709-1797 / 3John 1737-1822 / 4John 1763)   He moved from Baltimore to Louisville, KY, where he married in 1807 Ann Taylor of Kentucky.  Ann Taylor was born 10 May 1788 and died 8 Apr. 1848. She was a cousin of President Zackary Taylor.  After the Louisiana Purchase, they removed to Lousiana and bought a plantation in Rapides Parish, near Alexandria.  He and his wife died in New Orleans and the plantation was inherited by his daughter, Mrs. Emeline Bynum, who held it until her death in 1886.  Children:

  1. Alonzo Gill born 15 Oct. 1808 died unmarried 4 Nov. 1925
  2. William Henry Gill born 20 Jan. 1811 married four times.
  3. Leonora Louisa Gill born 17 Sept. 1812 died unmarried 29 Aug. 1855
  4. Emeline Gill born 2 Oct. 1814 married Jesse A. Bynum, no issue
  5. Washington Gill born 22 Feb. 1817 died 15 Aug. 1822.
  6. Caroline Gill born 18 Aug. 1819 died 20 Nov. 1820
  7. Joshua Barney Gill born 17 Feb. 1821 died 23 Apr. 1833

(from Mrs. Clark's book)

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