Alexander Gill, born 1781. Reared in Virginia. He married Polly Goggin in 1801. They lived in Virginia.

Alexander Gill married Mary "Polly" Goggin in Bedford Co. VA on Nov. 13, 1801. And, that Polly's sister, (correction here) Permelia (not Parmelia) married Samuel Clemens, but, you don't mention the fact that they (Samuel and Permelia) were the grandparents of Samuel Clemens aka "Mark Twain". I didn't know whether or not you were aware of that fact.

They removed to Adair Co., KY c1809.

My interest in Alexander and Polly Gill moving to Shelbyville, TN stems from the fact that Polly's brother, William, (my g-g grandfather) also left Bedford Co., VA and settled in DeKalb Co., TN. But, William's youngest son, William M. (by his first wife, Permelia Tate) also lived near Shelbyville.

I'm trying to find out when/how Stephen Goggin, Sr. came to Virginia, who his first wife was, etc. etc. Most books I've seen say he arrived in 1742 (from Ireland), but, I've never found any "documentation" to support that statement. I didn't see anything mentioned on Stephen Sr. in your information (just on Stephen, Jr.). Talk about the proverbial "brick wall". Any suggestions?

Also, just one other thing....number 9 on your list of Goggin marriages for Stephen Goggin and Jack Robinson (I think that should be Jennett Robertson per Bedford Co. marriage bonds).


  1. Winston W. Gill

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