I am looking for information on DAVID and JOHN GILL and what connection they may have to the ALLEN, BRUCE, YOUNG and WRAY families of Iredell and Wake County, North Carolina.

The ALLEN's, YOUNG's and WRAY's were associated with each other in old Lunenburg/Brunswick County, Virginia in the early 1700's, before migrating into the Granville District of North Carolina beginning around 1750.

My ancestor is Reynold Allen, Sr. of Lunenburg/Brunswick County, Virginia. Reynold Allen, Sr. was born around 1722 and his wife's name was Mary ______ (maiden name unknown). He first shows up in Brunswick County, Virginia is 1748. By 1752 he is in the old Granville District of North Carolina where he has several land grants and deeds.

By 1780, Reynold Allen is in Wake County where he remains until 1796. One of his daughters married Peter Eli Bruce. Interestingly, the sister of Peter Eli Bruce, Sarah Bruce, married a GILL as she is listed in their father's will as "SARAH GILL" in 1802.

When Reynold Allen, Jr. moved to Iredell County in 1796, his first deed in Iredell County was witnessed by DAVID GILL and ARNOLD BRUCE (Iredell County Deed Book C, page 112). Arnold Bruce was married to Celia Allen.

In 1812, Reynold Allen, Jr. dies in Iredell County and JOHN GILL was administrator of his estate. His estate was not settled until 1824 and in the final accounting by JOHN GILL, he includes an entry for the widow of Reynold Allen, Jr. which indicates that she survived him, but her name was not included.

I also noticed that WILLIAM GILL of Iredell County had a son he named INGRAM ALLEN GILL which is buried in the YOUNG family cemetery.

In 1833, Ailey Sharpe Allen (daughter of Reynold Allen, Jr.) purchased from DAVID GILL all interest he had in the 1/6th part of her deceased husbands estate which he had in turn purchased from Sarah Allen Chappell (daughter of Ailey Allen and Henry Allen - first cousins who married) (Wake County Deed Book 20 - 523).

I am trying to determine the following:

What is the connection between the ALLEN and GILL family?

Who were the JOHN and DAVID GILL that were associated with Reynold Allen and what was their connection to him?

Exploring the possibility that the wife of Reynold Allen, Jr. was maybe a GILL?

Which GILL was Sarah Bruce married to?

Do you have any clues that might help to unravel these questions?

Robert Allen

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