Hamilton Co., FL, New Hope Baptist Church gravestones in a row (#) refers to placement of headstone in row)

Supplied by cousin Roland Carlton.  Thanks!  Numbers in parentheses refer to the placement map above.

(4) Allen Jerry Gill born 1 July 1856 died 3 July 1926 married (5) (mother) Mary E. born 14 July 1853 died 28 May 1930.

  1. Presumed children of Allen Jerry Gill and Mary E. (buried adjacent):
  2. (2) (mother) Mattie Gill McCulley 3/14/1874
    1. (3) Boby R. McCulley 5/23/1935  11/21/1935
  3. (6) William Gill
  4. (7) James L. Gill 5/8/1890  3/16/1971
  5. (1) Aunt Rose E. Gill 3/11/1897 10/10/1973

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