Augusta formed from Orange in 1745; Orange County formed from Spotsylvania in 1734; Spotsylvania in 1721 was formed from parts of Essex, King & Queen, & King William Counties; King & Queen & other counties formed from York. Augusta Co. lies in the "Shenandoah Valley", just west of the "Blue Ridge", containing the modern town of Staunton, and the Fluvanna River. This could either have been a natural migration route from Pennsylvania, or one to the west from Chesterfield Co.

Though Gill is not a known line of the family, I believe it's waiting in the shadows. Indeed, my son traces back to Francis and Eleanor Fullen of Augusta Co., VA. Very little is known about the couple, except their proclivity to a large family. Their oldest daughter was Esther Gill Fullen. We don't know her precise date of birth, but can place it ca. 1755-60.

Given the naming conventions of the day, it would be reasonable to presume that Mrs. Fullen may have either been a Gill herself or had another link to this prominent family. Indeed, in your research you show an Eleanor Gill as the widow of James Gill of Augusta Co during the very period of time when Esther would have been born. James was quite young when he died, and I think it possible that Esther may actually have been his daughter-later adopted by Francis Fullen and raised as his own.

What I lack, however, is any substantiation of this theory. Though a wonderful center of research, Chicago seriously lacks access to colonial records. I was hoping that you may have some idea of what became of the widow Eleanor Gill and if it were at all possible that she may have remarried shortly after James' death.

Any insight would really be welcomed.

J. Nearing

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