Stephen Gill settled Baltimore Co. C1673-1734, m. 1708 to Elizabeth Hubbert
	|		|		|			|		|			|			|
Stephen Gill	Nicholas Gill	Edward Gill         John Gill 1709-1797	     Prudence Gill	Elizabeth Gill		Sarah Gill
Elizabeth	(not in		unmarried	    Mary Rogers1712-1797     b1729 		?			died 1792
	|	Jas. D. Gill's book)		    Baltimore, MD	     Thomas Cockey	Edward Parrish		Wm. Rogers
Prudence Gill							|
26 Feb. 1727							|
m. Wm. Cockney							|
	|	     	 |	        |	        |
Eliza.Rogers Gill  Sarah Gill	Eleanor Gill		|
4 Mar. 1731	   Jan. 1733 	Jan. 1735		|		
unmar		   died 1744    m John Pendell		|		
     |			|		|		|	       |		|		|		|
John Gill 2nd	Wm. Gill	Stephen Gill	Edward Gill	Nicholas Gill	Sarah Gill	Joshua Gill	Elizabeth Rogers Gill
1737-1822	1739		1741		1744-1818	1750-1796	1747-1796	1753-1853	1755->1797
m1758		m1760				Leah Price	Elizabeth	Nicholas Cooper
Sarah Gorsuch	Ruth Cromwell			Ann Parish		|
c1740        					Mary McLain		|
       |			 			|	Catherine Gill	
Catherine Gill 1759 					|	Susan Gill	
Nicholas Gill 1761				Agnes Gill 1786	Elizabeth Gill	
John Gill 1763					Edward Gill	Stephan Gill						
Elizabeth Gill marr.1787 Horatio Ford		

Note: the Stephen Gill of Severn River is clearly in this family, and these two records do not agree in detail.  We are currently trying to deciper which is correct (if either!).  If you have records that sort these out, please send them!

I have more records on the Baltimore Gills, and will add them as time permits. Contact me if you have information, want information, have suggestions, or see errors. Some of these Gills are covered by Mrs. Clark (no relation) Gill, Abstracts from Records in Southern States and Genealogical Notes, Eva Turner Clark, pub. Richard R. Smith, NY 1939. This book is available at numerous libraries, and I have a copy. I have yet to find an error in her work! Truly admirable! But that we could all be so adept. There is a book in the D.A.R. Library in Washington, D.C.  on this family titled: Gill Family in Maryland 1642, 1659, 1950, 39174, by James D. Gill, 1950. Thanks to L. Paton for sending me a copy!

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