Gill's married in Berkeley Co., VA

Marriage date Suretor

  1. Gill, Absalom m. Hill, Catherine 03 June 1827 Christ'r Hill
  2. Gill, Ann m. Bowers, Henry 17 Nov. 1818 Thomas Gill
  3. Gill, Hannah m. North, William D. 13 Apr. 14 Apr. 1829 Thomas Gill
  4. Gill, Joseph m. Hannah, Ann 24 Sept. 1795
  5. Gill, Mary E. m. Brown, Joseph W. 20 Nov. 23 Nov. 1837 John Gill
  6. Gill, Sarah R. m. Smith, Eli 20 Dec. 24 Dec. 1834 John Gill
  7. Gill, Thomas m. Patterson, Hannah 10 Dec. 1795
  8. Gill, William m. Payne, Martha 29 Mar. 1834 Jesse Payne

I believe the above Gills: Joseph and Thomas are the same Gills as mentioned in Clark's book re:

1776 Md. Census. Joseph & Nancy (Hanna) GILL left land (see his 1845 will) to William Gill s/o brother Thomas Gill in Ottawa Co., OH. 1850 Ottawa Co., OH Fed. Census Portage Township lists:

Gill, William 53 b. VA his wife, Martha 39 b. VA their children: Joseph 12 b. OH, William 10 b. OH, Mary 8 b. OH, Samuel 4 b. OH.

Since Thomas Gill was the suretor for Ann and Hannah Gill it is possible they are his sisters (again Clark's book Ann Gill 1776 census) especially Ann.

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