These look a lot like Northumberland Co., VA Gill names to me. Check that connection.

John Gill born <1709 appears in 1730 Bertie Co. Records, may be father of Richard.

Richard Gill born c1745 died 1799, resided in Merry Hill, Bertie Co., NC, boat builder married Mary Dorsey? Who died 1813-20.  This is the family of Roger Gill  Five children:

  1. Thomas Gill probably died 1810-20, married Sarah. Three children:
    1. James Gill born 1800 Bertie Co., married Elizabeth born c1801. Janes died between Nov. 1856 and Nov. 1857. Six children:
      1. Mary W. Gill born 1823 married Willie Askew 22 Nov. 1857
      2. Martha E. Gill born 1830 married John R. Furgerson 21 Nov. 1850
      3. Ann Eliza Gill born 1833 married Thomas R. Askew 22 Dec. 1851
      4. James Gill nfi
      5. Samuel Gill born 1837
      6. Savonia Gill born 1840 married John H. Lee 2 Feb. 1860
    2. William Gill
    3. Sarah Gill
  2. Edward Gill born 1775 died 1836, married Sarah Winnifred Lednum born 1779 died 1835. They had three daughters:
    1. Winnifred Y. Gill born 1818 died 1845 married Wm. Smithwick
    2. Mary Gill married Wm. Smithwick's cousin, Thomas Smithwick.
    3. Averilla Gill born 1808 died 1860, married first Wm. Watters. After his death she married second 13 June 1827 Wm. Yates. After his death she married third James Butterton born 1814 died 1875. Six known children from the three marriages.
  3. William Gill born <1780 (perhaps 1777) died 1825. Wm. and his brother Edward settled in Merry Hill. Wm. Married c1809 to Ann Phelps who died c1834. Four children:
    1. Thomas Gill
    2. Martha Gill
    3. Charity Gill born 12 July 1816
    4. John Gill born late 1817 or early 1818
  4. Mary Gill married John Phelps who died 1821. Mary Gill Phelps married second to Thomas Allen c1824 or 1825.
    Children of Mary Gill and John Phelps:
    1. John Dorsey Phelps born 25 Dec. 1813 died 10 Aug. 1877, married first ___ Lawrence, and second Caroline Powell (1824-c1879).
    2. Reuben L. Phelps born c1817 married Harriet Bowen born c1814
    3. Asa Biggs Phelps born 26 Jan. 1820 died 14 Jan. 1897, married first Margaret Elizabeth Cobb, second to Mary Smith born 1 Sept. 1827 died 29 July 1873, married third Fruzeanne Taylor.
    4. Mary Phelps born 1815 married John Morris.
    5. Louisa Phelps born 1812 married Ashley Morris.
    Children of Mary Gill Phelps and Thomas Allen:
    1. Caroline Allen born 26 Jan. 1826 married Wm. Smithwick (11 Dec. 1812 - 12 Sept. 1890), who had been previoulsy married to Winnifred Y. Gill (1818-1845), dau. Of Edward Gill. Caroline Allen Smithwick died 23 Jan. 1920.
      1. Two children
  5. Charity Gill died unmarried before 1830

I have more detail on this family.

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