(FOC) There are a lot of Blakely probate records in the Laurens Co. probate office (not in the court house itself, but down the hill across the rail road tracks, ask directions).  Some are very large.  I only looked for a John Blakely who died in 1815, since the volume was just too much otherwise.

Days Gill married Sarah Blakeley, in Equity Roll dated 18 May 1815 on estate of late John Blakeley (Laurens Co., SC, see Jacob Gill of Laurens Co.) Widow Rachel Blakeley vs. children... deceased son, Jonathan Blakely, his widow now Rachel wife of Richard McKelvey and ch., Margaret & Agnes & Martha Blakeley minors, ... Thomas Blakeley ... Wm. Blakeley ... Robert Blakeley in Tenn ... Catherine wife of Hugh Wilson in Georgia ... Margaret wife of John Copeland, Benjamin Blakeley out of SC and address unknown ... deceased daughter Sarah wife of Days Gill & her son Thomas Gill (Laurens Co., SC record). Andrea record #104.

Sarah wife of Days Gill named in 1815 as deceased daughter of John Blakeley, and her (Sarah's) son Thomas Gill. (Mrs. Hicks Apr. 1986 p19) Laurens Co., SC.  I (FOC) could find no probate record of a John Blakely who died in 1815!  A Jonathan Blakely died in 1814, but the list of heirs did not include a Sarah.  Mr. Andrea found this record and states that it is an Equity record.

The name I have for Sarah's husband is Daysor David Gill. My sources are Blakely Family Journal, South Carolina Genealogical Society and Marriage and Death Notices From Baptist Newspaper sof South Carolina by Brent Holcomb.

Much of my original Blakely information came from the Blakely Family Journal. In 1988, I obtained a copy of the back issues and subscribed to this publication but only received several issues so I guess it no longer exists.

I am a member of the Newberry Chapter, Laurens Chapter, Greenwood-Abbeville Chapter of the South Carolina Genealogical Society. Each chapter has a quarterly publication as well as the state (total of four). I have no ideal which issue my material came from.

There is a note in Sarah's file indicating she was married to a Lewis Miles who died 28 years before Sarah's death. This probably came from the Marriage and Death Notices From Baptist Newspapers of South Carolina.

None of the above sources are what I would consider primary sources (wills, family Bibles, etc.).  Robert S. Gary, 7 Sept. 1998

Jonathan Blakely, Laurens Co.  Page 183, estate appraised 17 Dec. 1814 at $1368.55, appraised by Cornelius Tinsly, Charles Little, James Underwood, and Donal Vance.  This included $1032 in negroes.  probate bundle 10-15, the estate paid out 22 Sept. 1817 $174.39 to three heirs: (1) Andrew Spear guardian of Elizabeth Blakely minor; (2) John Coplan guardian of Peggy Blakely minor $174.39; and 20 Sept. 1817 William Copland guardian of Robert Blakely minor $174.39.  One of the very few bundles that I looked at there that stated heirs! There could be of order five more unmentioned heirs here to match the estate inventory estimate.  Perhaps I missed them, the script was hard to read. (FOC)

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