Botetourt Co. VA. was formed from Augusta Co. in 1770 apparently a large county extending infinitely to the west; Fincastle was formed from Botetourt in 1777; and Kentucky formed from Fincastle. Botetourt Co. c1835 was a smaller entity defined at the headwaters of the Fluvanna River and to the south on a map of 1796. These Gills were due west of Chesterfield & Henrico Co.s, and probably directly on the migration route down the great Shenandoah Valley from Pennsylvania (the route of present day I81). Hence these Gills probably are the same as the Augusta Co. Gills.

Edward Gill b<1736 d>1782, of Augusta Co. & Botetourt Co. VA. (Botetourt Co. was formed from Augusta Co. in 1770). Edward Gill alive 1757 in Winchester, VA, among artificers employed in the works around Winchester under command of Capt. Wm. Peachy, 1757, Va. Hist. Mag. V 201; Mrs. Clark p57). Winchester, VA lies in the Shenandoah Valley, Frederick Co. far to the north. This may be a Pennsylvania Gill (Scot, NJ, PN, Fishing Ck., SC). This Edward Gill might be related to either Edward of Stafford Co. or Edward of Dinwiddie Co. Mentioned in law-suit, Heath vs Blagg, 31 Oct. 1762 Augusta Co., VA. "Suit had to do with Capt Blagg's mess in the campaign of 1761. Aug. Co. rec. III 90 (Mrs. Clark p57). Edward Gill, no inhabitant of the County (Augusta) 21 Mar. 1774. Aug. Co.Rec. I 178 (Mrs. Clark p58). This Edward Gill is one of those serving in the French & Indian War, although I cannot yet assign those records. Edward Gill of Botetourt Co., VA sells all household goods, together with several head of horses, cattle, & sheep to Paul Whitley 28 Nov.. 1770, 10 Apr. 1771. Wit Samuel Kirkham, Michael Whitley. Deeds A 240 (Mrs. Clark p58). Edward Gill proved a certificate for 898 lbs. of hemp. Ordered to be certified. Botetourt Co. Court 1771 (Mrs. Clark p58). Edward Gill def'd in suit brought by James Buchanan; verdict for pltf. Lb.5.19.0. Botetourt Court, 12 Mar. 1773 (Mrs. Clark p58). Edward Gill. Court 10 Dec. 1779 Botetourt Co. Ordered that the claim of Solomon Simpson, Edward Gill, Sr., Christopher Finnie, Wm. Cross, & Christopher Best be certified, who proved to this Court that they respectively served as soldiers in the first old Virginia Regiment commanded by Col. Washington. L.P. Summers: Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800 (Mrs. Clark p58). Edward Gill, Sr.. Botetourt Court Dec. 1779. No. 883 "I do hereby certify that Solomon Simpson, Edward Gill, Sr., Christopher Best, and Wm. Cross severally proved to this court that they served in the 1st Virginia Regiment, last war, as soldiers till it was disbanded, which regiment was commanded by Col. Byrd and Col. Stephens, and that they never before proved such service nor obtained any land in consideration thereof under the King of Britain's proclamation of 1763. A certificate for these claims issued formerly and is supposed to have been lost. Test: D. May, C.B.C. (Mrs. Clark p59). Issued to Edward Gill, Sr. 50 acres, 3 Apr. 1780 No. 886 (and to each of the above), Land Bounty Certificates, French & Indian War, Land Office, Richmond (Mrs. Clark p59). Edward Gill & Solomon Simpson received grants of 50 acres each, assigned by them to Thomas Rowland, whose survey of 100 acres on 4 June 1780 was located in the County of Kentucky, north side of KY River, adjoining his preemption lands on the south, etc. Granted by Benjamin Harrison, Governor of VA 1 Sept. 1782, Land Office Richmond (Mrs. Clark p59). Edward Gill on jury 14 Aug. 1783 Botetourt Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p60). Edward Gill, Jr., deft. in suit brought by Jonathan Martin 16 Aug. 1783, Botetourt Co., VA, Judgement for pltf. (Mrs. Clark p60).

Pressley Gill b<1751 - d1812, of Botetourt Co., VA, Rockbridge Co., VA, Bath Co., KY. Prisley Gill in list of John Murray's Co. of Volunteers from Botetourt Co., 1774. Lord Dunmore's War, 1774. Crozier: VA Militia. (Mrs. Clark p83, & she states that he shows up in Mason Co., KY). Pressley GILL a tithable 1778 Rockbrdige Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p83). Presley Gill married Sarah Butt 1798, Rockbridge Co. VA (Mrs Clark p83). Pressly Gill, decd. inventory of estate 18 May 1812, Bath Co., KY (Mrs. Clark p127). A Presly Gill was party to a deed in Mason Co., KY before 1830 (Mrs. Clark p128).

Samuel Gill b<1755 d>1783, of Botetourt Co., VA. Samuel Gill Captain from VA under George Washington (VA Military Records F225.v884, 1983 p404). Samuel Gill, Captain, of Botetourt Co., VA, being of the Continental Army, is exempted from payment of poll tax. (Mrs. Clark p85) Lt. Samuel Gill 1778 "return" on condx of VA Line (VA Military Records F225.v884, 1983 p680). Samual Gill, ensign, 4th VA Regiment, 10 Feb. 1776, 1st Lt. Nov.. 1776, Capt. Jan. 1777, retired 14 Sept. 1778. For his service, Lt. Gill received 4000a bounty land in KY (VA Military Records F225.v884, 1983 p681). Payroll 14 Apr. 1778 Lt. Sam'l Gill $27 2/3 /mo Lb10,02,6 (VA Military Records F225.v884, 1983 p26 & p682){"and it was among some old land claims that these papers, with his commission, were found in an old trunk" Heitman: Hist. Register of the Officers of the Continental Army. Mrs. Clark p84}. Lt. Sam'l Gill pd. his Co. (VA Military Records F225.v884, 1983 p684). Samuel Gill on jury 16 Aug. 1783 Botetourt Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p85). Samuel Gill of Botetout Co., VA, 11 Dec. 1783. Court order that Robert Harvey, Gent., Nicholas Carper, Samuel Gill, James Roberts, and Jesse Clark, or any 3 of them, view the grounds proposed by George Hancock for turning the road leading from Crow's Ferry to the court house, & report. (Mrs. Clark p86)

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