Cavaliers and Pioneers: 1623-1666

by Nell Marion Nugent

These were the notations that are not on the web site elsewhere:

1. John Ayres received 200 acres; S. side of Rappahannock River, 1655. Transported ELLNOR GILL.

2. Edward Tonstall, 450 acres, Henrico Co., 1636. Transportation of JON GILL.

3. Edward Tunstall, 400 acres, Henrico Co., 1637. Transportation of JON. GILL.

4. Henry Perry, 2,000 acres, Chas. Cittie Co., 1637. A will transaction in which the name JON. GILL appears in a long list of people.

5. Mrs. Margaret Upton, 700 acres Lancaster Co., N. side of Rappahannock River, 1653. Transported - JON. GILL

6. Col. Argoll Yardley, 2,000 acs., Ackomack in Northpton Co., 165_. Transported: JOHN GILL.

7. MICHAEL GILL obtained 400 acs. Up. Parish Nancimond Co., 1664.

8. John Mason, 300 acs. Nancimond Co., 1664. Adjoins MICHAEL GILL.

9. Charles Edmonds, 2750 acs., New Kent Co., 1658. Transported: PETER GILL, MARY GILL, PHILLIP GILL.

10. Henry Brown, 600 acs., S. side of Rappahannock River, 1664. Transported: PETER GILL.

11. PETER GILL and Henry White obtained 1,000 acs., Chas. City Co., 1663. S. side of Chickehominy Maine, SW.

12. Lt. Wm. Worleidge, 550 acs. 1643. Beg. at Chessnut Cr. Transported: RICHARD GILL.

13. Capt. Wm. Jones, 300 acs. N'ampton Co., 1663. Transported: SARAH GILL.

14. STEPHEN GILL, 300 acs. Chas. River Co., 1640.

15. STEPHEN GILL, 1,000 acs. "at head of Roswell Creeke", 1642.

16. STEPHEN GILL, 2,500 acs. York River Co., 1642. Transported: STEPHEN GILL. (According to this, the landowner and the tranported person were both named Stephen Gill).

17. STEPHEN GILL, 25 acs. Yorke Co., 1649.

18. STEPHEN GILL, 1150 acs. Yorke Co., 1649.

19. James Roe & Peter Richerson, 1500 acs. Gloster Co., 1651. N. side of Yorke River by virtue of a patent granted to STEPHEN GILL, 1649.

20. Abraham Moone 600 acs. S. side of Pyanketank River near to land of STEPHEN GILL, 1654.

21. Thomas Ballard, 600 acs. upon head of Pyanketanke River upon land of STEPHEN GILL, deceased. 1 Oct. 1657.

22. Wm. Claw 220 acs. Gloster Co., 1665. Mentions STEPHEN GILL, deceased.

23. Wm. Chase 650 acs. Accomacke Co., 1666. Transported SARAH GILL.

24. Thomas Jones 1,000 acs. Rappahannock Co., 1658. Transported: THOMAS GILL.

25. Rice Jones & Anthony Jackman 1040 acs., Rappahannock Co., 1658. Transported: THO. GILL.

26. Thomas Baywell, 450 acs. upon Appamuttuck Riv., 1635. Transported: WM. GILL.

27. Thomas Bagwell, 450 acs., Chas. Citty Co., 1638. Transported: WM. GILL.

28. Robert Castleton, 1,000 acs. in Petomeck freshes, 1657. Transported WM. GILL.

29. ANN GILL mentioned as wife of STEPHEN GILL, 100 ac., Chas. Riv. Co., 28Nov. 1636

30. CAPT. GILL mentioned as former grantee of land. Chas. Riv. Co. (no date). Also mentions CAPT. STEPHEN GILL. 1652 is date of deposition.

31. John Neale, 1500 acs., Accomack Co., 18 June 1636. Transported person, EDWARD GILL.

32. GEORGE GILL - landowner. 700 acs., Yorke Co., 1650. On Yorke River.

33. Geo. Smith, 200 acs. on S. sie of Yorke River, near land of GEORGE GILL.1652.

34. Wm. Blackey, 1400 acs. New Kent Co. 1658. Near GEORGE GILL'S land.

35. GEORGE GILL, JR., 2,000 acs., New Kent Co. 1663. Yorkes River

36. CAPT. STEPHEN GILL, 900 acs., Northumberland Co., 1651

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