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Henrico Co., VA. 1688-1697

Deeds, Wills, Etc.

p. 101. 1689. In accounting of Estate of John Davies, deceased: Money owed to:

To Kennon & Gill 600

To King & Gill 520

To Field & Gill 350

p. 133. June Court 1690. Presented in Court: Will Gill for swearing.

p. 321. June Court 1692. Grand Jury presented a list of those breaking the law May 16, 1692.

Will Gill one swearing

Will Gill for swearing one oath - by god -

p. 467. April Court 1694. Marriage license. Henry Hill for marriage with Rosamund Webster, April 2, 1694.

p. 483. April Court 1694. Agreement between Henry Hill, Rosamund Webster (widow of Thomas Webster).

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Henrico Co., VA. Deeds, Wills, Etc. 1697-1704

Henrico Co. Feb. Court 1700/1701. An Inventory of Estate of Nicholas Sharpe, deceased, and sold Nov. 1700:

Sold John Gill 1 mare 450

June 1701: John Gill is Dr. to the Estate of Nicholas Sharpe 450.

Henrico Co., VA. Records 1706-1709

Deeds, Wills, Settlements of Estates

p. 108. Court held September 1, 1708. Indenture made 30 August. Between Lawrance Hobby and John Gill and Mary Gill, all of Henrico Co. For 16 Pounds, John Gill and his wife Mary bought (200?) acres. South side of Swift Creek and on the North side of Appomattox River. One witness looked like Fran: Youll. (*Note: The "Y" looked like a large cursive "G" that is open at the top, and it made me wonder if this could have been part of our Guille line. In Weisiger's "Colonial Wills of Henrico Co., VA" we find that in 1692 "Fra. Yeule, who marryed adm'x of John Hobby, dec'd. exhibited accounts of the estate." The entry above, in 1708, has a connection with Hobby and Gill, which was Guille when they came to this country. It might be worth checking).

p. 177. September Court, 1709. A document showing that James Humphrey and Elizabeth Johnson intended to marry. There was a long list of signatures at the end, including Sam'l Gill and Phillip Gill.

Henrico Co., VA. Records 1710-1714 Part 1

Deeds, Wills, Settlements of Estates

p. 16. A list of Surveys made in Henrico Co. 1709. Survey began in 1709, continued into 1710.

John and Stephen Gill 465 acres

Recorded 1 July 1710.

p. 17. Youle. Francis Youle deeded to his daughters Elizabeth and Mary, a slave and various household goods. Recorded 1 July 1710.

p. 139. Deed. Indenture made 4 Aug. 1712. Between John Giles and Nicholas Giles.

These two men were brothers.

Henrico Co., VA. Records 1710-1714, Part 2 Orders

p. 37. January 8, 1710. To John Gill for one by pitt, 300 lbs. tobacco. (John took one wolf by pit and was given the tobacco as payment).

p. 71. May Court 1711. John Gill against Edward Gandy. Neither party appearing, the suit is dismissed.

p. 91. August Court 1711. Stephen Gill by his petition praying an allowance out of the estate of Daniel Hurley?, deceased, it is ordered that the Sheriff of this county do sell the estate of the said Dec'd for Tobacco by way of (outing?) and that he take bill and Security? or Leinnty? of the Several Purchasers and return an account thereof to the next Court. (In September Court estate of Daniel Hurley continued. In February Court 1711/12 we find that several people had claims against his estate).

p. 135. May Court 1712. Grand Jury sworn list included Joseph Gill.

p. 159. July Court 1712. Stephen Gill having attended one day as a witness for Francis Merrimon? against Henry Royall, it is ordered that the said Merrimon do pay him for his said attendance according to Law.

p. 166. August Court 1712. Stephen Gill collected tobacco owed him in estate of Daniel Hurley, deceased. John Gill also paid in tobacco from said estate.

p. 202. Levy Court 1712 (after Nov. Court). John Gill for one Ditto by pit 300 lbs. tobacco. (ditto refers to a wolf).

p. 209. February Court 1712. In action of trespass brought by John Gill against Richard Wilson.

p. 223. March Court 1712/13. Case brought by Joseph Gill against Henry Royall and Plaintiff did not appear.

p. 228. April Court 1713. In the action of trespass between Jno. Gill Plaintiff, and Richard Wilson, Def. Continued next Court.

p. 236. May Court 1713. In the action of trespass between John Gill, PL., and Richard Wilson, Def., the Plt. filed his (?), to which the Def. has time to answer.

p. 241. June Court 1713. In case of John Gill vs. Richard Wilson, the Def. filed more papers, Plaintiff given time until the next Court. In August, more information, but moved to next Court.

p. 254. October Court 1713. In the action of trespass between John Gill PL. and Richard Wilson, Def. Suit ended.

p. 299. September Court 1714. John Gill Plaintiff, against Dorothy Pleasants. Money due him from estate of John Pleasants, deceased. John Gill was paid.

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Henrico Co., VA. Misc. Court Records 1650-1807, Vol. 4.

p. 1313. (top torn, so date unknown, but I think it was about 1744). In a deed between Richard Stiles of Dale Parish and John Stiles. Description mentions south side of the Old Town Creek joining Mr. Charles Cousens on the West and Peter Gill (the Younger?) on the East. Witnesses: Thomas Dance, John Gibbs, Seth Perkinson

p. 1361. William Gates, Ralph Jackson, and Peter Gill signed a bond. Feb. 1745. For Anne Eppes, orphan of Lewis Eppes.

Vol. 5 (1650-1807)

p. 1349. Appraisement of Estate of Mr. John Yuille in Charles City. Nov. 12, 1746.

We the Subscribers appointed by the Court of Henrico have this day valued the Estate of John Yuille, Deceased in Charles City. Signed Richard Weir, Richard Kennon, John Southall.

p. 1441. Several deeds. One witness was Thomas Yuille, Junr.

p. 1443. Appraisement of Estate of John Yuille, Deceased in Charles City, signed by Richard Kennon, John Southall, and (3rd signature cut off).

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