GILL  Chesterfield Co., VA. Court Order Book 3, Part 1 (1759-1767)

Page 4: June Court 1759. Ordered that Joseph Gill pay Zachariah Bell 500 lb. tobacco for 20 days attendance as a witness for him against Gates.

Page 28: October Court 1759. Ordered that Joseph Gill pay John Wood 695? lb. tobacco for his attendance and traveling as a witness for him against Gates.

Page 48: April Court 1760. At a Court of Dyer and Terminer held for the trial of Jimmy a Negro man Slave belonging to John Herbert, Gentleman, and Dick a Negro man belonging to the Estate of Webster Gill deceased, for felony April 10, 1760. Present:

Richard Royall, Seth Ward, Archibald Cary, William Watkins, Gentlemen Justices.

The slaves accused of preparing poisonous medicines with the intent to administer them to John (line thru film-assume it was "Herbert.") Court judged them guilty. Ordered they be burnt in their hand, which was immediately done.

Page 58: July Court 1760. Joseph Gill, Plaintiff vs. (difficult to read, but I think it was Edward Gates, Exec. of William Gates, deceased), Defendant. (The will of William Gates left his wife Susannah and son Edward as Executors). The Defendant Susannah being dead since the last order in this cause, ordred that the same abate as to her.

Page 69: August Court 1760

A report being made ordered that a road be opened from Hardings Bridge to cross the Point Road by John Dodd's and down the Cartway leading from thence to the Long Swamp Race Paths then crossing Swift Creek near Mr. Cogbill's and into the Glebe Road at Nunnally's, That Peter Fitzpatrick do survey the same to Swift Creek with his own Tithables, and those of William Watkins, Francis Osbone, John Smith, Thomas Totty, Abner Totty, Francis Gill, Jacob Gill, William Dedd, Edward Eans, William Glascock, (John? or Isham?) Evans?, John? Williams, Aaron Moses, and Benjamin (blank), Zachariah Bell, and Richard Royall, and that William Perkinson do survey the remainder of the said Highway with his own Tithables and those of George Cogbill, Ralph Jackson, Richard Walthall, Daniel Nunnally Senior and Junior, and William Thompson.

Page 76: September Court 1760. The last Will and Testament of Webster Gill Deceased was presented in Court by John Gill and proved by the oaths of Mary Westbroke and Thomas Dance, Jr., witnesses. Recorded.

Page 81: September Court 1760. Joseph Gill Plantiff, vs. Allick Moor Defendant. Def. did not appear. Ordered to pay 450 lb. of Tobacco and his costs unless he appears at next Court to file his answer to the complaints against him. Page 130: June Court 1761. Joseph Gill, Complainant against Allick Moore, Defendant.

The Defendant, not appearing to answer It is decided and ordered that the former order in this cause be absolute and that the Complainants Bill be taken for Confessed and that the (line through film).

Page 147: July Court 1761. Ordered that the Petition of Ann Gill Alias Ann Thursby, Administrator of Peter Gill, deceased, against Susanah Cooker? be dismissed.

Page 166: August Court 1761. Lucy a Negro belonging to James Gill is adjudged to 12 years old.

Page 179: September Court 1761. Edward Gill, Orphan of Peter Gill, deceased, made choice of Francis Osborne for his Guardian; thereupon the said Francis gave Bond as the Law requires.

Page 197: February Court 1762. On the Petition of Daniel Gill setting forth that he is owner of a convenient place on Youls Branch in the County of Chesterfield for building a water grist mill at and praying that an Acre of Land opposite thereto of the Possession and Seisin of George Cursons may be laid off and assigned him and such other proceedings had therein as the Law in such case require Ordered that the Sheriff with a Jury (do go on?) lay off and Value the said Acre and view the Lands adjacent on both sides the said Branch which may be affected or laid under water by the said Mill being Built and that they report the value of the said Acre and the Damages to any person holding the such adjacent under their Hands and Seals to the Court of this County.

Page 229: June Court 1762. Joseph Gill, Plaintiff, vs. Susanah and Edward Gates, Executors of William Gates, Deceased, Defendants. This day came the Parties by their Attornies and thereupon came also a Jury to wit, John Hill, etc., who being elected tried and sworn the Truth to speak upon the Issue joined and the Plaintiff not appearing ordered that he be (Nonsuited?) and pay the Defendant 5 shillings together with their costs in this Behalf expended.

Page 239: August Court 1762. Tom a Negro belonging to John Gill adjudged to fourteen years old.

Page 247: August Court 1762. Ordered that John Botte, Thomas Dudley, Jacob Gill, and Henry Dance, or any three of them, being first sworn as the Law requires do appraise in current money the Slaves and Personal Estate of William Gates, deceased.

*Note: Numbers in the book went from 281 to 382.

Page 398: April Court 1763. Peter Fitzpatrick having obtained an attachment against the Estate of Isaac Freeland, and the Sheriff having levied the same in the hands of Daniel Gill this day same the said Peter by his attorney and the said Isaac not appearing the said Daniel acknowledged that he was indebted to him sufficient to pay the above demand and costs. Therefore it is considered by the Court that the Plaintiff recover against the said Isaac the debt aforesaid and his cost in this behalf expended to be levied in the hands of the said Daniel Gill.

Page 399: April Court 1763. Abner Totty having obtained an attachment against the Estate of Isaac Freeland, and the Sheriff having levied the same in the hands of Daniel Gill this day same and said Abner and the said Isaac not appearing the said Daniel acknowledged that he was indebted to the said Isaac. Therefore it is considered by the Court that the said Abner recover against the said Isaac the debt and his costs in this behalf expended part thereof to be levied in the hands of the said Daniel Gill.

Page 406: May Court 1763. James Watkins Plaintiff, vs. Ann Gill alias Thursby, Administrator of Gill. The Defendant not appearing, Judgment for money and costs.

Page 413: May Court 1763. Henry Walker, surviving partner of James Newsome, Plaintiff, against Ann Gill. Debt. Plaintiff to recover debt and costs.

Page 422: June Court 1763. Daniel Gill, assignee of Peter Fitzpatrick, Plaintiff, vs. John Hatchett and Thomas Jordan. Gill to recover money and costs.

Court Order Book 3 Part 2 (1759-1767)

Page 443: August Court 1763. On the motion of John Robinson one of the securities of Ann Gill, Admx. of Gill, ordered that she give him sufficient (counter suretys?) to indemnify him or deliver the said Estate to him.

Page 459: August 1763. Ordered that Ann, Eliza, Martha, and Alex. Gill and Daniel Valentine be bound apprentices by the Church Warden.

Page 492: February Court 1764. Daniel Gill paid as a witness for John Ellis Junior against Moore.

Page 501: March Court 1764. Deed. From Daniel Gill to Roger Atkinson.

Page 518: April Court 1764. Ordered that the suit brought by Francis Williams against James Gill and his wife be dismissed at the Plaintiff's costs.

Page 527: May Court 1764. Daniel Gill, Plaintiff, vs. Ralph Jackson.

Plaintiff to recover money.

Page 534: June Court 1764. Deed. Thomas Cogbill to Daniel Gill.

Page 585: September 1764. Joseph Gill Plaintiff, vs. Daniel Weisiger, Defendant.

Plaintiff recovered money with costs.

Page 618: January Court 1765. Daniel Gill a witness for deed from Ralph Jackson to Peter Fitzpatrick. Francis Watkins was other witness.

Page 629: February Court 1765. Francis Watkins vs. Joseph Gill. Gill to pay Watkins.

Page 666: June Court 1765. On the petition of Daniel Gill ordered that the Sheriff with a Jury do lay off and value an acre of land of George Curson's opposite to a place where the said Daniel intends to build a Mill on Frank's Branch, and likewise value the Damages with building the said Mill may occasion to any person and report the same.

Page 718: October 1765. Stephen Gill paid as a witness for 6 days attendance.

Page 746: August 1766. William Loftis and Jacob Gill ( ? ) levy free.

Page 748: August 1766. Peter Gill making choice of Robert Kennon for his Guardian he gave Bond.

Page 750: August 1766. Daniel Gill vs. Ignatius Williams. Judgment confessed for 6 Pounds and Costs.

Page 774: October Court 1766. Chloe (slave), belonging to Daniel Gill judged to be seven years old.

Page 797: December Court 1766. Deed. Jacob Gill to Joseph Handy, proved.

Court Order Book 4 (1767-1771)

Page 34: April Court 1767. Ordered that the Church Wardens of Dale Parish do bind out Peter Gill orphan of Peter Gill, deceased, and James Burn according to Law.

Page 40: May Court 1767. A Complaint of Peter Gill Apprentice to John Innes, Ordered that the said John be summoned to answer the said complaint.

Page 44: June Court 1767. Deed. Robert Gill to Isham Well, proved.

Page 140: November Court 1767. Jury list included Daniel Gill, Jr.

Page 174: April Court 1768. George Fagan & Company Plaintiff, vs.

Daniel Gill. Gill to pay money and costs.

Page 183: May Court 1768. Jury list included James Gill.

Page 205: July Court 1768. The last Will and Testament of Jacob Gill deceased, was presented in Court by Elizabeth Handy the Executor therein named and proved by the oaths of John Williams and Henry Dance witnesses thereto, and ordered to be recorded, and on the motion of the said Executor who gave Bond and took the oath required by Law, Certificate for obtaining a probate in due form is granted her.

Ordered that Henry Dance, JohnWilliams, Joseph Royall, and William Glascock, or any three of them, to appraise Estate of Jacob Gill, deceased.

Page 228: September Court 1768. Deed. Joseph Gill to Joseph Ferguson, proved.

Page 245: November Court 1768. Jury list included Daniel Gill.

Page 251: January Court 1769. Inventory of the Estate of Jacob Gill, deceased, returned and recorded.

Page 265: March Court 1769. Deed. Jacob Gill to Joseph Handy further proved by oath of Henry Dance.

Page 295: May Court 1769. Deed #1: Joseph Gill to Peter Gill.

Witnesses included

Robert Kennon and Field Archer. Deed #2: Joseph Gill to Francis Gill. Same witnesses.

Page 297: May Court 1769. John Gill vs. Henry Randolph. Dismissed at the Defendant's cost.

Page 341: September Court 1769. Deed. Daniel Gill to John Brush ( ? )


by Gill.

Page 351: October Court 1769. Hands of Daniel Gill, Charles Cogbill, Daniel Nunnally Sr & Jr., Noel Nunnally, William Perkinson, Robert Burton, and John Forsie to work on highway under George Cogbill, Jr.

Page 352: October 1769. Zachariah Glascock, J__ Evans, Thomas (B__?), William Bryan, Joseph Gill, (Gerrard?) Gates, Zachariah Bell, Francis Gill, Joseph Royall, Thomas Moor, Jno. Totty, Thomas Totty son of William Totty, Francis Totty, Thomas Totty Sr., William Dodd, and Joseph Vaden to assist Peter Fitzpatrick in opening the road where he is surveyor.

Page 354: October 1769. Deed. Joseph Gill to Francis Gill. Further proved by oath of William Partin.

Page 354: October 1769. Deed. Joseph Gill to Peter Gill further proved by oath of William Partin.

Page 410: May Court 1770. John Wood vs. Joseph Gill. (Small writing and notes, but looked like Gill to pay in tobacco).

Page 429: July Court 1770. John Tabb vs. Ann Gill. Gill to pay money and costs.

Page 471. December Court 1770. Deed #1: Joseph Gill to John Gill.

Deed #2: Joseph

Gill to Joseph Gill. Both acknowledged.

Page 496: March Court 1771. Ordered that George Cursons, Robert Gill, Thomas Dance, ( ? ) Gill, or any three of them, survey ground proposed for a road by John Archer.

Thomas V., Henry Bass vs. John Gill & John Goode. Debt. Abate as to Gill. Judgment confessed by Goode.

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