Page 31: Sept. Court 1784. On the motion of Stephen Gill, who gave Bond, License granted to keep Ordinary at his House.

Page 46: Oct. Court 1784. John Gibbs and Rowlett Gill were sworn Tobacco pickers at John Bolling’s Inspection.

Page 47: Oct. Court 1784. John Holloway’s Execs. vs. Daniel Gill.  Abated.  Defendant’s death.

Page 90: Jan. 7, 1785. Willliam Gibbs and Edward Gill appointed Tobacco pickers at John Bolling’s and took the oath required by Law.

Page 98: March Court 1785. The last Will and Testament of Field Archer was proved by Edward Gill and continued. Edward Archer, an Exec. named gave Bond and took required oath.

Page 101: March Court 1785. Ordered that Stephen Gill survey the road from Col. Botts road at the School house to John Royall’s (shop?) with the hands of Thomas Brown, Samuel Brown, Joseph Gill, William Glascock, Francis Gill, William Harding, the Estates of Aaron Granger, Benjamin Granger, and his own.

Page 126: April Court 1785. Joseph Gill vs. John Mann and Berry Traylor.

Page 152: May Court 1785. Joseph Gill wrongly charged with one white tithe for the year 1783 is released from the same.

Page 154: May Court 1785. We present James Gill, Joseph Gill, Sylvester? Dodd, and [blank] Totty, for assaulting of Thomas Perkinson, one of the Deputy Sheriffs of the County on the highway and demanding his money from him.

Page 158: May Court 1785. A deed from Daniel Gill to Francis Eppes was proved by the oaths of George Markham and Peter Rowlett, and continued.

Page 177: 9 June 1785. A deed from Daniel Dyson to Robert Gill was acknowledged by the said Dyson, party thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Page 193: ll June 1785. A deed from Daniel Gill to Francis Eppes further proved by the oath of John Cardwall witness thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Page 218: 12 Aug. 1785. Thomas Rowlett (P) vs. Thomas Gill (D).  Debt. Dismissed.

Page 227: 8 Sept. 1785. David Ross vs. William Gibbs & Thomas Gill (D). Motion on R Bond. Notice proved Judgment for costs plus interest.

Page 227: Sept. 1785. Robert (Gill?) (P) vs. George Cousins (D).  Plaintiff Judgment.

Page 242: Oct. Court 1785. At a Court held at Chesterfield Courthouse on the 13th day of October 1785 for the Examination of John Burton charged with stealing of one sorrel mare the property of James Gill, and one sorrel mare the property of Stephen Gill of the Parish of Dale and County aforesaid.  Gentlemen Justices: Archibald Cary, Abraham Salle, Bernard Markham, Francis Goode, John (Bott?), George Woodson, George Markham, David Pattison, Blackman Moseley. The prisoner being brought to the Barr sundry witnesses were sworn and examined, and the said Burton heard in his own defense on consideration whereof the Court are of opinion the said Burton ought to be sent to the next Court of Oyer & Terminer to be held at Richmond for further trial. Whereupon James Gill, Stephen Gill, William Ruse? and Elizabeth Amos entered into recognizance to his Excellency, Patrick Henry, Governor of this Commonwealth and to his successors in the penalty of one hundred Pounds each of their goods and chattels Lands and Tenements respectively to be (?) and to the use of the Commonwealth rendered. But to be void upon condition that they and each of them do make their personal appearance before the next general Court of Oyer and Terminer to give testimony against the said Burton and not to depart without leave of the said Court. Archibald Cary

Page 249: Nov. Court 1785. William Gill, orphan of Daniel Gill, making a choice of John Eams for his Guardian.

Page 269: Dec. Court 1785. Peter Fitzpatrick, Exec. of John Smith (P) vs. Henry Eames and Joseph Gill (D). Debt.

Page 306: March Court 1786. Joseph Gill & 3 others, or any 3 of them to appraise Estate of Isham Evans.

Page 312: April Court 1786. Thomas Gill, a witness for William Gibbs vs. Bryan Turner, allowed (100 lb.?) tobacco for 4 days attendance.

Page 325: May Court 1786. Joseph Gill (P) vs. Field Traylor (D). Jury sworn; verdict returned for the defendant.

Page 336: June Court 1786. Robert Gill (P) vs. George Cousins & Joseph Franklyn (D). Motion on R Bond.

Page 344: July Court 1786. Deed from William Glascock to Stephen Gill.

Page 345: July Court 1786. Deed from William Hardin to Stephen Gill proved by Thomas Totty, William Totty, & James Gill, witnesses.

Page 353: August Court 1786. We of the Grand Jury present Stephen Gill for retailing spirituous liquors without License within three months last past.

Page 462: March Court 1787. Joseph Gill (P) vs. George Markham & William Royall, Execs. of Joseph Royall, deceased (D). Awarded 80 lb. Tobacco.

Page 523: June Court 1787. Joseph Gill, John Archer, others, sworn to appraise the estate of Anne Granger, deceased.

Page 523: June Court 1787. A deed from Thomas Gill to Edward Archer was acknowledged by the said Gill and ordered to be recorded.

Page 523: June Court 1787. Daniel Dyson appointed Guardian to Nancy & Polly Gill, orphans of Daniel Gill and gave Bond.

Page 529: June Court 1787. Recommended for Militia: Rowlett Gill, Ensign.

Page 555: Aug. Court 1787. Robert Donald (P) vs. Stephen Gill (D).  Debt. Judgment confirmed against defendant.

Page 569: Sept. Court 1787. Joseph Gill (P) vs. Field Traylor & Isham Dyer (D).  Motion on R Bond. Notice proved.

Page 570: Sept. Court 1787. Deed from Robert Gill to James Gill proved by oaths of William Clark, Daniel Dyson, and Rowlett Gill, witnesses thereto and was recorded.

Page 570: Sept. Court 1787. On the petition of James Gill for leave to erect a water grist mill on white oak Branch, he being owner of the said Land on each side of the said Creek and it appearing that erecting the said Mill will be of injury to no person, leave is granted him to have a Jury accordingly.

Page 571: Sept. Court 1787. William Gill and Isham Wills, sworn Tobacco pickers at Rockey Ridge warehouses.

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