My family started w/ a Chinese orphan in the lat 1800's

He was adopted by an Irishman named "O'Gill"

The Chinaman later went to Puerto Rico and married an "Puerto Rican" (Spanish and Indian descent)

They had Robert, Carmen, and Herman Gill

My grand father Robert Gill (19??-2003), had five children. Belma, Eddy, and Benito from a first marriage. (mothers name unknown) (Born in NYC, DOB unknown) Currently still in NYC

His second wife (Rosa, 19??-1993), had a son Robert Gill Jr (1/26/1955), and a daughter (adpt) Maria. (Born in NYC, but relocated to Los Angeles, CA)

My father, Robert Gill Jr, Married Sylvia Franchini (of LA)in 1977

They had 3 sons. Robert Gill III(1976, in Huntington Park, CA), Gabriel Gill (1978 Riverside, CA), and Joseph Gill (1981 Hampton, NJ)

Gabriel Gill Married in 2003, to Casse Renee Richmond (of Riverside, CA)

They have 1 son, Caleb Kane Gill (DOB 10/20/2002)

There are other extended family from this Gill line reside throughout the Eastern Seaboard. Mostly in the NY/NJ/VT area, and FL.

I hope this is a helpful update to your page on "Gill's"

Thank you for allowing me to submit my imput!

Gabriel Gill 2004

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