Christian Gill b 1824 in Tassan, Bavaria, d 1888 Campbell Co KY

           mar c1850 in Bavaria, to Barbara Ann Ulrich b 1831 Bavaria, d 1912 Campbell Co KY.


Fred Gill b1851 Bavaria, mar c1875 to Tillie (unknown)

George Gill b c1854 KY

Christian Gill b c1856 KY

Henry Gill b1857 KY, mar c1881 to Sarah Bell (unknown)

Mary Gill b 1859 Campbell Co KY, mar 1881 Campbell Co KY, to Jacob Daniel Froeschle

Louis Gill b 1862 KY, mar 1905 KY, to Freda Thohmer

Maggie Gill b c1865 KY, mar 1908 Campbell Co KY, to Theodore Brill

Casper Gill b c1867 KY, mar 1897 Campbell co KY, to Hattie R. Harris

Leonard Gill b c1868 KY

Barbara Ann Gill b 1872 Campbell Co KY, mar c1891 Campbell Co KY, to Christopher Beck

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