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Gill married to County Date (MDY)
Abby Gill W(al)ter Bel Clarke County, 9-12-1822
Elisabeth Gill Samuel Cummings Clarke County, 8-3-1837
Elizabeth A. Gill Andrew Daffin Clarke County, 2-17-1845
J. B. Gill Mary J. Emmerson Clarke County, 2-4-1883
James Gill Catherena Gill Clarke County, 10-21-1817
Lama M. Gill (Laura Melissa Gill) Jas. W. Beuler Clarke County, 10- 5-1864
Mary Gill Joab Antilley Clarke County, 8-19-1817
Mary E. Gill Joseph Henry Livingston Clarke County 23 Dec. 1852
Sarah J. Gill Wm. H. Bell Clarke County, 10-12-1884
Uriah Gill Mary Etheridge Clarke County, 2-5-1852
Nathan J. Gill Miss Louisa A. lison Clarke County, 1-22-1833
Robert J. Gill Elizabeth A. Cherry Clarke County, 11-15-1830
Richard Gill Elizabeth Lewis Clarke County 27 July 1835
Richard Gill Susannah Lewis Clarke County 24 Jan. 1843
Susan Gill1 John B. or R. Sanderson Clarke County 01 October 1845
Miss Susannah M. Gill James Bell Cherry Clarke County, 1-30-1840

1Clarke County, Alabama Marriage Records, 1814-1959, Vol B (1834 to 1865) Author: Clarke County, Alabama Judge of Probate. Original Marriage Records are at the Courthouse in Grove Hill, Clarke County, Alabama.

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