Land Patents quoted in Mr. Rowland's document:

"Mr. Charles Cozens, 362 acres, Henrico Co., on S. Side of the first branch of Swift Creek, 1704, page 629.  Adjacent John Wilson, Senr., For the transportation of 8 persons: Stephen Gill, Joseph Gill, Charles Gibson, John Rud, John Gill.  Note: Paid Wm. Byrd, Esq., Auditor for rights."

Virginia Quit Rent Rolls, 1704  Soundex Search    John Gill, 235 acres of land in Henrico County

Note the first great branch of Swith Creek was called Youle's Branch in the later deeds.

"John Gill, 235 acres, Henrico Co.; on west side of the first great branch of Swift Creek; adjacent land of Henry Hill; 20 oct. 1704, p628.  Transportation of five persons.  Note: Paid Wm. Byrd, Esq., Auditor for 3 rights."

Cozens, or Cousins lived adjacent to these Gills, and were related by marriage in Virginia to Mary Webster, who married John Gill.

These three Gills were naturalized in 1705, under the names Joseph Guil, John Guil, and Stephen Guil.  From the naturalization, these three were definitely not English, and from the wording, they were probably French Huguenots.


     John Gill of Henrico Co. born before (1673-1686) - died in 1723.  Left a will, no longer extant (to our knowledge).  3 Oct. 1726 Essex Bevil and Elizabeth, his wife, of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., for £10 to John Gill of same, 100 acres by Henry Hill (third husband to be of Rosamond Cousins Webster) to said Essex and Elizabeth by deed 19 April 1707. Wit: Wil Kennon, Ja. McMilland, John Epes. Signed Essex Bevil, Eliz'a (by mark). Rec. 7 Aug. 1727. (p91 Henrico Co., VA, Deeds 1706-1737, Weisiger 1988). Essex Bevil married Elizabeth Webster, sister of Mary Webster who married John Gill. 30 Aug. 1737 William Worsham of Henrico Co. and Rosamond his wife, to John Gill of same, for £12, 100a on Appomatox River on south side of Swift Creek in Dale Parish. Wit: Wil Kennon, Wil Kennon, Jr., David Duncan. Signed William Worsham, Rosamond her+mark Worsham. Recorded 1st Mon. Sept. 1737 (p162 ibid).

Probable Children (not documented, but these are documented as brothers):

  1. Webster Gill <1703-1753 no children
  2. Peter Gill died in 1749
  3. Daniel Gill  <1724-1782
  4. John Gill <1732-1764 no children

no children minor children: children: no children

---- Thomas

Daniel John

John Daniel

Ann Edward d 1811



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