Daniel Gill b1732-49 died c1802, son of Peter Gill (died 1749), Daniel Gill was bound out to a trade c1753.

"Daniel Gill son of Peter Gill of Halifax Co., NC, late of Chesterfield Co., VA, 1774 (Mrs. Clark p54). Daniel Gill of Granville, Co., NC, eldest son and heir of Peter Gill Chesterfield Co. records)(Mrs. Clark p55), and removed to Granville Co., NC.

Daniel Gill, South Carolina Land Grant Index II 640 acres on Gilkey Ck. & on Stephen's Ck. 15 Oct. 1784 and 21 June 1785 (Mr. Andrea#8). (Mr. Andrea #14) Daniel Gill 3 plats in 96 District. 1790 census Daniel Gill in Abbeville in 96 District (Mr. Andrea #54). (Mr. Andrea #88) The DAR library has two books of deed abstracts in Edgefield Co. from 1782 to 1835 containing one indexed Gill: Daniel Gill with dower by wife Susannah Gill of Abbevile Co. Make Deed 27 Dec. 1798 for 170a land on Stephen Ck. to Wm. Whitlock. (Mr. Andrea #95) Daniel Gill will sg. 5 dec. 1800 pr. 11 June 1802 in Abbeville Co., SC states that he is "of Rocky River," wife Susannah Gill, Children: John Gill, Fanny Gill, Peter Gill a minor, Ezekiel Gill a minor, Sarah Gill a minor, Mary (Polly) Gill a minor. My wife and my four youngest children shall share all my estate." Note by Andrea: the first two, John and Fannye are willed but $1 each which makes me think they may have been by a first wife. Exs: Samuel Linton, John Caldwell, Thos. Franklin. Wit: John Baskin, Wm. Bole. Andrea #164: 6 Aug. 1802 Estate of Daniel Gill in Abbeville Co., SC: paid to John Gill as the guardian of the minor heirs: Ezekiel Gill & P(eter). Gill. Paid to the widow Gill for the minor heir, Mary Gill. Cash received from Ezekiel Calhoun for what he owed to Daniel Gill. And see 395.

(Mr. Cupits comments, but see next paragraph) Cupit states in a letter to Mr. John Gill Jenkins that "Daniel Gill married 1st Judah Slaughter, 2nd Susannah Daniels, and removed to Abbeville Co., SC. Children were: by Susannah: John Fanny; by Juda: Peter, Ezekial, Sarah, Polly. Cupit also points out that Daniel Gill, Sr. in a Chesterfield Co., VA will 20 Mar. 1782 listed children John Gill, Daniel Gill, Edward Gill, Billy Gill, and a daughter. His estate was divided between his children: John, Daniel, Thomas, Edward, Billy, and Molly. Other Gills mentioned in the will were brother Webster Gill, James GIll, John Gill, W. Gill, and Wm. Gill. This John Gill married Patty Slaughter, and had Wm. Gill born 17 Sept. 1788. The Slaughters moved to Greene Co., GA from SC. Other children were: Mary, John, Sarah, Bettie, Juda, Julia, Samuel, Ann, Susannah, Patty, Reuben, and Lucy.

A Daniel Gill b<1757 d1782 will, wife Mary, was indeed a son of Daniel Gill b<1715 d1782 wife Susannah Gibbs, but this Daniel Gill, Jr., wife Mary, died and left a will in Chesterfield Co., VA in 1782, the same year as his father. The Daniel Gill in 96 District looks more likely to be the son of Peter Gill who died c1749, and therefore this Daniel Gill in 96 Dist. was born c1725 (Chesterfield Co., VA records). Note the name of one child of this Daniel Gill is a Peter Gill. Mr. Cupit (#180) states that "Ezekiel Slaughter resided in Virginia and had two daughters to wed Gills as follows: Juda Slaughter m. Daniel Gill of Abbevile #95, Peggy Slaughter married John Gill of Abbeville, SC.  If John and Daniel were brothers, this still fits perfectly (and only) with sons of Peter Gill who died c1749.  One would have to check the original records to see if they state "Daniel Gill" or "Daniel of Abbeville, SC". Daniel Gill, son of Daniel Gill, both of Chesterfield Co., VA, married Mary, his widow, executor of his will in 1782 in Chesterfield Co., VA. Therefore, we may safely ascribe the Slaughter marriage to this Daniel Gill, son of Peter Gill.

1790 SC Census Data (96 District)
Page name m>16 m<16 f slaves
57 Daniel Gill 1 2 2 11
68 Elizabeth Gill 1 2 3 4

Who was this Elizabeth Gill in the census with Daniel Gill??  This was apparently not his mother, and does not appear to have been a sister.

Andrea #172: "I believe the Daniel Gill in Abbeville wed a daughter of Ezekiel Calhoun, a son of Hugh Calhoun, up that way. In Barnwell Gills & Calhouns were neighbors but did not find any intermarriage."

Known Children (mother ambiguous, use caution with wives not clearly documented with full references. He clearly had a wife Susannah, and was married at least twice. I have seen no proof of any other wives names -FOC. There were at least two documented Chesterfield Co., VA Daniel Gills of this generation):

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