David M. Gill, b<1815, native of North Carolina, moved to Mississippi and then to Kentucky where he died at age 80 years; his wife was Maria Scott of South Carolina. Perhaps related to the David Gill of Wake Co., NC born 1755-67, or that same David Gill, if he died c1840 at age 80, he was born c1760.  This same David M. Gill married Maria Scott, born in South Carolina, daughter of a Scottish schoolmaster.  Does anyone have census or other data on this man?  Where does this man fit?? (This information is from the Gill Gazette) Five Known Children of David M. Gill:

  1. Sidney S. Gill an old school Presbyterian minister
  2. Robert B. Gill
  3. Edwin R. Gill born 16 Sept. 1836 in Marshall Co., MS 18 Sept. 1836; married Martha P. Hutchinson. Edwin was a Justice of the Peace for six years and taught school for 13 years in Mississippi. In 1877 he removed to Texas, where he taught and farmed for five years. He stopped teaching on account of ill health. He served one year in the Confederate Army, Forrest's Cavalry. He was also a licensed preacher in the Old School Presbyterian Church. He owned two farms, which he rented in his old age. He was a Free Mason, Knight of Honor, and member of the Farmer's Alliance.
  4. William R. Gill
  5. Rebecca M. Gill married Rev. L.O. Winslow.

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