William Gill b 1849 in England. Both parents were born in England He was married to Theresa. Theresa was born in Pennsylvania. Her father was born in Ireland and her mother was born in Scotland. They were in Washington, DC. by 1873. They may have come from PA. William does not show up in the DC census until 1880. Theresa and William had these children all born in DC.

  1. William Gill b November 1873

  2. Theresa Gill b 02 September 1874

  3. James Gill b September 1879

  4. George R Gill b 30 May 1881

Theresa died sometime before 1885 when William married Mary Berkeley, 01 March 1885. They had one son Benjamin Berkeley Gill b 11 October 1886 (my grandfather). William died within the next couple of years and Mary took care of all of the children and never remarried.

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