Captain Ellis Gill b<1707 alive in 1746, son of Thomas Gill 1672-1739, d27 Oct. 1760. Will 1760, married first ____ Ingram, dau. Charles Ingram and his wife Elizabeth Dameron, bc1681 (who was born c1681?). Note Ingram Allen Gill of Iredell Co., NC born <c1786. Captain Ellis Gill witness to will of Thomas Gill, Jr. in 1728, inspector in Wicomoco, Vestryman in 1742, married second (1740/1 or) 1742 Thomasine Taylor, only daughter and heir of Thomas Taylor, deeded to Jos. Wildy land which now resides in Wicomico district of Northumberland Co. 1745. Mentioned in settlement of estate of his father, Thomas Gill in 1746 & 1748. No children of Ellis mentioned in his father's will c1739. In obedience to an order of the Court, we, the subscribers did meet at the plantation of Ellis Gill, and did allot and pay Thos. Gill his part of his deceased father's estate, as followeth: (negroes, household furniture, etc.). 9 May 1746-12 May 1746. This report between Thos. Gill and Ellis Gill, Jr. (Signed) Edward Rogers, John Corbell. (death date from "VA Vital Records, p413, Registry of St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland Co., VA)

Possible Four Children of Ellis Gill and ____ Ingram (Ingram, Wm., Betty, Taylor):

  1. Ingram Gill b<1751. Ingram Gill former owner of a slave now belonging to ___ Johnson of Albermarle, the slave to be this day hanged for felony, 11 Nov. 1772. Court held Charles City Co., VA (Legislative Journals of the Council of Colonial Virginia, III 1597; Mrs. Clark p69).  Ingram Gill does not appear in the1782-1785 Virginia Census.
  2. William Gill b<1729 d1780-8. Difficult to assign, two weak clues: cannot be placed elsewhere, and a grandson was named Ingram Allen Gill.  This William Gill, who died in Mecklinburg Co., VA, could fit in any of several places.  William Gill died 1780-81 Mecklinburg Co., VA, married Frances. Mecklinburg and Lunenburg Counties are adjacent and on the lower Virginia border about midway in from the coast. Henrico Co. lies to the north of the James River. Chesterfield County lies just across the river to the south of the James and north of the Appomattox River. Continuing to the SW are Dinwiddie (then Prince George & Amelia to the sides) Lunenburg and Mecklenburg Counties, Mecklenburg bounded on the south by the Roanoke River. Halifax Co. lies just to the west of Mecklenburg Co. Therefore, these records could be of Henrico, Chesterfield Gills.  Will 23 July 1780-12 Feb. 1781. To wife Frances. To dau. Frances. To dau. Nanny Grier. to daus. Sarah, Jane, and Mary. To dau. Obidience. To dau. Frances. To sons: Robert, Joseph, William. To son-in-law Thomas Pool. Ex'rs: Sons Joseph and William, and friend Samuel Whitehead. Wit. Samuel Whitehead, Richard Williams, Elizabeth Williams. Codicil. 28 Dec 1780. "Whereas, being angry with Bartlett Grier, husband of daughter Anne, ... I did leave unto her ... only five pounds, I now declare that I am not pleased with that part of the said will ... my desire ... the said Anne Grier do share equally. My daughter Sarah may have 400 acres of land laid off on the plantation whereon I now live, running along the county line, taking in the mill and all the land I own on the west side of Aaron's Creek, 28 Dec. 1780. Wit: Will Hepburn, Joshua Grinage, Nancy Taylor. Security for executors: Benjamin Pulliam, William Neal, Charles Allen. Eight hundred thousand pounds (this is a lot of money!). Wills I 355 (Mrs. Clark p100).  Children in will (all alive 1780):  Nanny Gill born <c1759 married a Grier by 1780; Sarah Gill born<1780; Jane Gill born <1780; Mary Gill born <1780; Obedience Gill born <1780 (dau.) married Thomas Pool;  Frances Gill (dau.) born <1780;  Robert Gill born <1780; Joseph Gill born<1780. Joseph Gill son of William Gill will 1780, Mecklenburg Co., VA (Mrs. Clark p78).; William Gill born c1750. Mrs. Clark assigns as Maj Wm Gill of Iredell Co., NC, but Charles McDaniel has researched this link and says it is incorrect.  Hurley Gill also thinks it is incorrect.; ; Anne Gill born <c1759 married Bartlett Grier.  |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||>>>>>>  Alternative William Gill #2 is William Gill born c1738-1780/1, married 1st Ann, 2nd Sally, Children: Winde Gill 1759, William Gill 1761-1794, Edwin Gill 1764, Richard Gill 1775, Betty Gill1774, Lucy Gill 1776, Thomas Gill 1778, Mary Gill <1794, George Gill <1777, Patty Gill c1777 Wm. Kelly.
  3. Betty Gill b<1752. Betty Gill & Taylor Gill put in possession of their father's estate, Order Book 1773-1783 Betty Gill sister of Taylor Gill (1774-1778??) Betty Gill has son Shapley Perry Gill born 8 Nov. 1778 SSP NC. Betty Gill spinster married George Pickren jr. 1779 ssp nc.
    1. Shapley Perry Gill bastard son of Betty born 8 Nov. 1778.
  4. Taylor Gill b<1752 -1792. Appointed surveyor for road 1779 Northumberland Co. Makes deed of gift to George Bluford. 1780 Northumberland Co. Census 1782 St. Stephen's Par., Northumberland Co. 3 whites, 11 blacks. Census 1790 Edgecombe Co., Halifax Dist., NC, 1fwm>16, 2<16, 2 f, 14 blacks. Will 22 Oct. 1792-Feb. 1793 to wife Molly Gill. Taylor Gill 1790 census, Edgecombe Co., Halifax Dist., NC: 1fwm>16, 2<16, 2wf, 14 blacks. Will 22 Oct. 1792-Feb. 1793; to wife Molly Gill all estate real and personal to pay debts and support children; "if she thinks proper to sell my land instead of negroes to pay my creditors, it is my will and desire she should, the term of time is five years, and after five years is expired, then I lend unto my beloved wife Molly Gill 1/3 part of my estate real and personal during her natural life. And it is my will and desire that the other 2/3 of my estate be equally divided between my three children, Wm Taylor Gill, Thomas Gill, and Nancy Gill." Wife Molly Gill, executrix. Wit. Augustine Coppedge, Hardy Todd. NC Historical Commission, Edgecombe Co. records, Wills 1758-1830 Vol. V (Ger-How), #37.040. (Mrs. Clark p111).  Children named in will of Taylor Gill:
    1. William Taylor Gill b<1771.
    2. Thomas Gill b<1771
    3. Nancy Gill b<1771
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