No. 53 - Estate of John Gill, Administration

District Court - Parish of Rapides, State of Louisiana, Ninth Judicial District Whereas Mrs. Jane Gill has made application to this Court to be appointed Administratrix of the Estate of John Gill, deceased. Notice is hereby given to all whom it doth or may concern, to show cause, within ten days from the date hereof, why the same should not be granted.

Clerk's office, Alexandria, Louisiana, September 27th, 1865

[signed] Frank E. Forbes, Deputy Clerk1 Nov 1865

Notice - All persons having claims against John Gill, deceased will please present them to myself of my attorney, J. H. C. Barlow, for settlement.

[signed] Jane Gill, Administratrix

Succession Sale - Estate of John Gill.

By virtue of an order issued from the 9th judicial District Court, parish of Rapides, and directed to the Sheriff thereof, will be sold at the late residence of the deceased, on Saturday the 9th of December, next 1865, all the property of said succession, consisting of land, cattle, horses, mules, waggons (sic), and farming untensils, cotton, sugar mill, and all personal property, belonging to said succession, as per inventory. Terms of Sale. All amounts of $20 and under, cash. All amounts over $20, on a credit of 12 months credit with notes in solido, with 8 per cent interest from date. For the cotton of said estate, cash on the spot.

[signed] C. V. LeDoux, Dy. Sheriff

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