Gill reference from the Hornsby family history:

On 19 Dec 1859, Marmaduke Hornsby, aged 64 years, applied for bounty land based on his service in the Georgia Militia. The application was rejected because service was not established. He was a Private on Lieutenant William Cooley's muster roll in Georgia.

In 1859, Marmaduke appeared before Jas. Chester, certified by Bryant S. Mangum, County Clerk, and stated he had served with Thomas Aultman and Nathan Lott who were privates, Malcombe McDearmin who was first lieutenant and JAMES GILL, Orderly Sgt. He appointed J.H.H. Woodward of Houston as his attorney, attested by Jesse Hickman and  J.E. Adams. In 1860, Hornsby's attorney, Woodward, wrote to the Pension  Office that he had heard from John McDearmin, son of Malcombe, that John had obtained Bounty Land for his mother in Georgia. The Secretary of State, E.P. Watkins, wrote from Milledgeville, GA, about the building of Forts Adams, Clark, and McIntosh on the orders of Major Josiah D. Cawthorn. He also said  M.D. Hornsby's name was on Lieutenant William Cooley's muster roll in GA.

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