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"I have found a bit more information to be added to John Robert Gill's data. From his pension papers I learned that he left Baker County, Georgia at the age of ten which would be in 1852 to go to Hamilton County, Florida. No mention was made of who accompanied him, perhaps his father was dead by then and he traveled with his mother-only a thought-but since he hasn't been tied in exactly with the other Gills in Hamilton County, I wondered. Later he enlisted in the CSA at Hernando Florida-County, I assume. After the war he evidently went back to Hamilton County as the pension papers quoting him said he then moved from Hamilton County to Hillsborough County. That is where he died.

After getting the pension papers, I finally got his death certificate. Richard Gill, born <c1821 (1842-21), was listed as his father. Now as you know there was a Richard Gill on the 1850 Baker County, Georgia census, but he was only twenty years old and was living with another family. This Richard Gill could very well be a brother to John and he could be Richard Gill, Jr., of course. John Robert's son was also a Richard so perhaps all of this ties in. However, John Robert Gill's wife at his death, Nellie Benham Gill, gave the information and it was written that his father was born in Florida and also his mother, Sarah Clemons (?) not sure of the last name. I don't know whether his father Richard WAS born in Florida since John was born in Baker County, Georgia, or perhaps Nellie did not know and assumed it was Florida. At any rate just getting his father's name was a big help. Now if someone can just tie Richard Gill in with the other Gills in Florida.

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Baker County, GA is over in the southwest corner of the state, not far from Thomas County.  This is not far off of the diagonal path that Thomas Gill is documented to have taken in 1822, when he left Allendale Co., SC (Barnwell Co. then), and wound up in Thomas Co., GA.  I would hazard a guess that John Robert Gill is either a grandson of Thomas by an early born son, or is the son of a brother of Thomas, whom we have not documented.  We know there were other brothers, it is only that Thomas was the singular child still nearby when his father died in 1822, and it is he who appears in Barnwell probate records as son.

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I have been in touch with Grace Shealy, daughter of John Robert's youngest son, Oliver Rochester Gill. John's parents are Richard Gill and Sarah Plummer(I wasn't sure of this in my last notes.)

Richard Gill and Sarah Plummer had the following children:

  1. 1)John Robert Gill - born 1842, Baker County, Georgia
  2. 2)Richard Gill -born 1858 in either Madison or Marion County, Florida
  3. 3)Daniel Gill-no information as yet
  4. 4)Jane Gill-no info
  5. 5)Laura Gill-no info
  6. 6)Millie Gill-no info
  7. 7)Luther Gill -no info.

According to Grace who lived for 12 years In Baker County, the courthouse burned down and all records were lost. She was not able to find anything on either Richard Gill or Sarah Plummer.So there still remains a mystery on how Richard fits in with the other Gills who ended up in Hamilton County. I have checked in Alabama, Tenn, Ky and other southern states and find nothing on Richard or John's siblings.

I had assumed that Richard Gill born 1858 and buried at Fort Green Cemetery was John's son even though there was only a 16 year difference in age-well, some did marry and have kids young in those days. Wrong assumption-Richard Gill born 1858 is John's brother, so it's quite possibe that during that gap of sixteen years some or all of their siblings could have been born.

Grace also provided me with a full list of John Robert's children

  1. 1)Matochia Gill (male)- born 1881-I believe his tombstone gave a differnt date.
  2. 2)Missouri Gill born 1883(my grandmother)
  3. 3)Jenniet(?) Gill born 1884
  4. 4)Orbie Mae Gill born 1887
  5. 5)Jane Isabelle born 1893
  6. 6)Solon Loraine born 1895
  7. 7)Oliver Rochester Gill born 1898

According to Grace , John's mother, Sarah Plummer Gill, died in the winter of 1895 according to the story in Hardee County(ex-DeSoto County), Florida. I don't know if this is a family story or a story in the old newspaper.

And that is how it stands at the moment.

This still leaves a puzzle as to who Richard Gill on the 1850 Baker County census is. He may have been a nephew of John's but he actually was 12 years older than John. But the other thing is that he was with ELIZABETH PLUMMER who must have been related to Sarah, mother, perhaps. Every time one mystery is solved others pop up, such as where did the brothers and sisters of John end.

Maybe some of these names will spark a note with some of the other families. Hope so. Hope I have more information after more correspondence with Grace Shealy

D. Albritton Smith

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