I've been doing some internet research on my ancestors in South Georgia. I've been searching for information pertaining to the family of W.D. Smith. Years ago, my granny Mamie Clark Smith Brown (b. Wheeler county and d. Chatham County) told me that my great grandfather was married to a Mary Myrick. I searched but found nothing on W.D. or even William D. (David) Smith until I did a search on Mary Myrick Smith. Imagine my surprise and delight to have found this information. I've searched rootsweb on the internet but found little. I've avoided subscribing to a genealogy search group simply because I don't have enough background information on my forbearers and not sure if it's worth it. Without simply mooching off of your hard work, do you have any information or sources that I might search to find William D. Smith's ancestors and issue? My granny married W.D. in the early '30's and later divorced him the '40's. My great aunt Minnie Bashlor (my late granny's twin) was married to a Gilbert or G.J. Bashlor. I can't help but think those Bashlor's are related to the Gill family.

Any comments, direction or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for posting this on the web. I've made my home in San Antonio for some years now which makes access to court records or cemetery records difficult. Accessing it on the web is amazing. Great work.


Cynthia Smith Diaz

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