The royal governor of Georgia and the Council advertised in the newspaper of New Bern, North Carolina, that free land in Georgia would be given to settlers. The notice began a wave of settlers from the North Carolina counties of Onlsow, New Hanover, Duplin, Sampson, Bertie, Johnston and Edgecombe that would last for over 60 years. There are very few of the early families of Bulloch and Screven Counties that do not trace to the settlers from this area of North Carolina.The very earliest of these families came from Duplin County as early as 1761.

The following is the text of the petition to the state convention asking that Bulloch County be created from Scriven (now spelled Screven) and Bryan counties. Part of Effingham Co. also became Bulloch.

His Honor the Chairman And gentlemen members of the convention of the State of Georgia, 1795:

The Petition of the Citizens of Scriven and Bryan Counties humbly sheweth - that your Petitioners are desirous of representing to your Honors. The inconveniency the Citizens of Scriven County labour under, when of necessity they are obliged to attend on public requisitions, having Ogeechee river to cross, Generally full of water and badly accommodated with flats canoes_________

As well your Petionioners pray your Honors will reflect a moment - on that Act Passed the last Session of the General Assembly "Ordering the County of Bryan to extend from the Georgia coast to the lower line of Scriven County the full extent from the Georgia coast to the lower line of Scriven County the full extent of Chatham and Effingham counties, rendering it extremely inconvenient for the inhabitants of the upper part to attend on public requisitions at Hardwick a distance of at least sixty Miles.

Therefore under these circumstances (unless a General mode for the Divison of Counties should be adopted)

We petition your Honors that the county of Bryan extend no farther up Ogeechee river than Bryan's Cowpen (so called) fence with a SoW direction 'till it intersect with Liberty county line. And that the upper_____(having the aforesaid boundary) and that part of Scriven County lying on the south side of Great Ogeechee river as high up said river as Skulls Creek be a separate and distant county - And to avoid a discontent, which would otherwise consequently arise - let our public buildings be established as near as convenient to the centre Thereof.

And your Petionioners will ever pray:

NOTE: The foregoing copy of the Petition to form a new county was obtained from the Hargrett Library of the University of Georgia by Smith C. Banks. The Petition was transcribed by Evelyn Mabry. Several words are illegible. A few names may have been lost. Pages of the original Petition, now tattered, were sewn together in a scroll like manner. The Spirit of a People compiled by the Statesboro Herald Publishing Company.

Effingham County, Georgia and Liberty County, Georgia, Early Record, complied by Mary Carter, 1978 (GA) F292.E3.03, LA State Archives. Wit: John London, J.P. In another book, Information on Some Georgia Pioneers - Maddox, GA (GAF281.L3.M3) Family Heads 1805 Georgia:

Baptist was the dominant religion in Bulloch County, Georgia. It is evident by the lives of Charles and Susan Knight and their family, that Charles brought his deeply rooted Baptist beliefs of Bulloch County with him to Washington Parish, LA. The first Baptist church in the state of Louisiana was established near Franklinton, LA in 1812 on the Bogue Chitto River.

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