I finished creating the database of all persons whose deaths were reported in Muscogee County, Georgia bet. Aug 1890 and Dec 1918. following are the Gill persons:
Last First Sex Race Age Date of Death
Gill, Anthony M W 5 04 May 1903
Gill, Ben M W 50 22 September 1895
Gill, Carrie F W 50 19 May 1896
Gill, D.W. M W 70 16 October 1913
Gill, H. M W 70 12 December 1898
Gill, J. D. M W 75 02 August 1909
Gill, Johnnie M W 5 12 June 1899
Gill, Nora F W 40 16 March 1908

The ages at death are age categories, i.e.

Less than 1

At least 1 but less than 5

At least 5 but less than 10

At least 10 but less than 20

At least 20 but ess than 30

At least 30 but less than 40

At least 40 but less than 50

At least 50 but less than 60

At least 60 but less than 70

Over 70

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