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Marion Co. WB "A" (1846-1915)

JACKSON M. GILL, 6/16/1891:5/9/1892, p. 287

Wife: Mary Ann. Daus: Tabitha, Laura A. French (her ch, Jack and Florida French). Sons: Joe L., James M. (decd), John G., William T., Jeptha, Noah, Gazaway. Dau: Georgiana Stephens, wife of W. J. Exrs: Sons, Gazaway and Joe L. Gill.


Marion Co. WB "A" (1846-1915)

E. A. MOORE, 6/6/1895:11/9/1909, p. 355

Heirs: Synthia Slaughter, John Moore, Lucinda Weddington, Susan French, Anna L. Rozier, Mary Gill, Laura Owens, Katie Gill. Richard Gill to take charge of Katie Gill's cow. Grdau: Sydney Graham. Exr: Friend, E. B. Reese. Wits: J. L. Wilson, J. D. Whitman, John N. Nicholson.


Marion Co. WB "A" (1846-1915)

J. J. SMITH, 1/19/190611/3/1908, p. 353

Sister: Sarah F. Graham (of Texas). Bro: P. H. Smith of Arkansas. To: Roseter Nunry. Exrs:

Friend, T. R. Harbuck, W. S. Wells. Wits: G. O. Gill, J. H. Home, J. H. Daniel.


Muscogee Co. Will Book "A" (1838-1862)

SAMUEL B. PURPLE, late of Northfield, Franklin Co., Mass., 6/9/1857:2/1/1858, p. 234-237 Wife: deceased. Sons: Theo Haton, William Bristow, Whitley F. Dau: Alice Jane. Bro: Nelson W. Purple of Northfield, Mass., gdn of Whitley F. and Alice Jane. Jonathan Lanead Purple of Gill, Mass. apptd gdn of Theo H. and William B. Nieces: Elizabeth M. Purple and georgiana D. Purple, daus. of Nelson W. Purple. Exrs: Daniel L. Callender of Northfield, Mass. Wits: W. L. Fay, C. S. Dewey, Almon Brainard.


Oglethorpe Co. WB"A" (1793-1807)

ANDREW McNABB of Oglethorpe Co., 1/16/1797:1/21/1797, p. 47-48

Wife: Ann, two notes of hand each for $85.75 given by Nathaniel Willis to me one due 31 Dec 1797 the other 31 Dec 1798, cattle, black horse, etc. Son-in-law: William McNabb, one note hand due 31 Dec 1799. To my daughter, Margaret, one note of hand given by said Willis for $85.75 due 31 Dec 1800. To Ann Wallace, wife of Oliver Wallace, one note of hand given by said Willis for $85.75 due 31 Dec. 1801. Also to Ann Wallace the remaining half of my stock of kind.

Grandson: Henry McNabb. Extrx: Wife, Ann. Wits: John Martin, Joseph Gill, Nathaniel Willis.


Oglethorpe Co. WB"A" (1793-1807)

JOEL SIMS of Oglethorpe C., 9/10/1801:7/14/1802, p. 115-116 Wife: Christian Sims my negroes Jefrey, Gill and Rody during natural life, then to be divided among all my children: Betseyt Sugs, Susanah, Francis, Allen, John Mays, Warran, Polley and little Billy. To my son John Mays Sims one Negro girl named Nelsy. To my son Warran Sims a Negro Vilet. To my son little Billy Sims the land I now live containing 200 acres, after my wife's death, and a Negro girl Chaney. Exrs: Samuel Whitehead, Allen Sims, John Mays Sims, and wife, Christian. Wits: Mark Sims, T. Tralor.


Baldwin Co. WB A (1806-1829)

JAMES COOPER, 1/21/1812:3/2/1818, p. 130

Wife: mentioned, not named. Exrs: Sons, Davis and Thomas. Daus: Milbry McGintry, Nancy Barnes. Sons: John, Davis, Thomas. Son-in-law: Abraham Daniel. Wits: Nathaniel C. Waller, James Rice, John Gill.


Baldwin Co. WB B (1829-1854)

GILL DAYS, 3/23/1834:5/14/1834, p. 38

Wife: Lydia, "ail my children". Exrs: Wife, Lydia, and Jarres Jolly.


DeKalb Co. WB C (1890-1919)

William C. Gill

Page 273-274

Dau: Grace E. Perry

Grandson: William G. Perry

Wife: Ida M. Gill

/s/William C. Gill

Date: 9 Nov 1910

Wit: Stewart D. Jones, J. W. White and E. T. Stanley

Fulton WB "A" (1854-1882)

JANE GILL 1/30/1860:2/8/1867, p. 134-135

Daus: Martha E. Smith, Mary A. Reed. Sons: Thomas M. Gill, John A. Gill.

Wits: L. S. Beach, Mary A. Berry, Stephen Terry.


Lincoln WB "B" (1807-1832)

JOSHUA GRINAGE 7/1/1821:11/9/1822, p. 138

Ch by 1st wife, Sarah Gill, viz: Frankey and her heirs, late wife of William Jones; Nancy, wife of John Avery; Polly, present wife of William Jones; Elizabeth, late wife of George W. Moore and her heirs. Present wife: Polly and my ch by her, viz: Sarah Gill Grinage, wife of William H.

Harper; Alvin and Moody Grinnage; Alexander, Ireland Grinage; Joseph and Lawrence Grinage.

Exrs: Wife, William H. Harper, and Alvin Grinage.

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