John F. Gill, Sr.  born in Trier, Germany 8 April 1838.  He and his parents came to the US when John was either 11 or 14 yrs. old, settling in Kenosha County, WI.  He married Mary Fritz, Dec. 6, 1864 in Brighton, WI.  Mary  Fritzwas born 14 Aug. 1845 in Alsace-Lorraine.  They were Catholic.  They settled in Black Hawk Co., Iowa, near La Porte City in 1870. They had 6 daughters, Anna, Susie, Emma, Margaret, Mary and Catherine, who died in infancy.  There were 2 sons, John, Jr. and Matthew, who died at age 35 of typhoid fever.  I would appreciate any info regarding the best places to look for confirming data in WI. 

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