David Gill of Mattapony Neck, Virginia

(numbers are generation numbers, and assume David Gill is an undocumented son of Stephen Gill.  David Gill may be an original immigrant, if he is the Maryland David Gill, or by another entry.)

II. David Gill "of Mattapony Neck", Va. <1648 - d>1717. no wife mentioned. He probably resided near the location of the modern day Mattaponi Indian reservation. He could have been the David Gill who was transported to Maryland in 1674 (Book 18 p137 Maryland Land Patent Book, listed in "Early Settlers of Maryland" by G. Skordas, 1968 p182), or he could have been a son of Stephen Gill of York Co., VA <1615-1653, "Chirurgeon" m. widow Ann Topin.

          One documented son, (III) James Gill,

          one probable son, (III) David Gill (NC, wife was from same county as David Gill).

III. James Gill, Gill Ck., Richland Co., SC 1712 -<1784 m.Hannah Goodwyn. Baptized in VA. Son of David Gill of Mattapony Neck, removed to Richland Co., SC on the Congaree River c1748. Four documented sons: (IV) Thomas Gill, (IV) John Gill, (IV) Valentine Gill, (IV) Richard Gill

IV. Thomas Gill of the Congarees, SC  born c1732(range 1731-1744)- died (1784-6) m. Hannah. Born VA., first born son of James Gill (his brother, John Gill, may have been his twin). One documented son, (V) John Gill.

V. John Gill lived in what was first Orangeburgh Co., then Winton District, subsequently Barnwell County, and now Allendale County, SC.  Born c1759 (range 1755-65)- died in 1822 signed revolutionary war indents by mark,  then by letters, finally signing his name late in life (m. Ann, Elizabeth).   Two extant land plats, 1, 2.  Two documented sons, (VI) Thomas Gill, (VI) John Neilson Gill.

VI. Thomas Gill c1780-(1838-40) m. Mary Wilson. Born in Allendale, SC, GA, or FL.  Land Plat mosaic from plats in Barnwell C.H. Plat books. Three documented sons: (VII) James W. Gill, (VII) William T. Gill, (VII) Allen Jerry Gill.

VII. Allen Jerry Gill born 1827  in FL? - died 1904 in FL m. Martha Jane Edenfield in Hampton Co., SC, and lived in Hampton Co., SC. 12 children: (VIII) Mary Ann Gill, (VIII) William LeRoy Gill, (VIII) Miles ReDacy Gill, M.D., (VIII) Sarah Rebecca Gill, (VIII) Thomas Bethel Gill, (VIII) Caroline Elizabeth Gill, (VIII) Alice Jane Gill, (VIII) Martha Jane Gill, (VIII) Allen Jerry Gill, (VIII) Joseph Turner Gill, (VIII) Robert Fulton Gill, (VIII) Homer Edward Gill.

VIII. William LeRoy Gill 1853-1908 m.Ellen Cathren Goethe, SC. 9 children: (IX) William Washington Gill, (IX) Minnie Maud Gill, (IX) James Edward Gill, (IX) Ida Lee Gill, (IX) Rosa Cornelia Gill, (IX) Paul Dargen Gill, (IX) Julia May Gill , (IX) Ben Tillman Gill, (IX) Bryan Evans Gill

IX. Julia May Gill 1890-1984 m. David Thomas Peebles. born in Jasper Co., S.C., died in Augusta, GA.

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