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Young Family Cemetery Northern Iredell County, North Carolina

Surveyed and reported by Stuart Bloom, P.O. Box 597, Earlville, IL 60518, 5th great grandson of Thomas Cadet YOUNG, Sr. through his eldest son, Henry YOUNG. (Numbers in curly braces, e.g. {1}, refer to notes; notes appear at the end of the file.)

The Young Family Cemetery is the burial place of members of the family of Thomas Cadet YOUNG, Sr. who lived in the Hunting Creek area of Iredell Count. A small photograph of a portion of the cemetery appears in Ruth Little-Stokes and Gary Freeze, An Inventory of Historic Architecture, Iredell County, North Carolina (Division of Archives & History, North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources, 1978), page 63.

Directions to the cemetery: Take U.S. 21 north from Statesville to Hunting Creek Road (S.R. 1829). From Hunting Creek Road, continue north on U.S. 21 for another 0.4 miles to an unmarked dirt lane on the right side (east side) of the highway. Go down the dirt lane approximately one-half mile to a small clearing. From the clearing, take the path leading to the right about 100 yards to the cemetery.

The cemetery was surveyed by Mrs. L.T. Queen during her Iredell County cemetery project. She reported the results of the survey in her book Iredell County North Carolina Cemetery Records (published by the author, Troutman, N.C., n.d.).{1} In that work she notes that at the time of her survey there were some old stones without markings, a few stones that were laying face down, and others that were in such need of cleaning that they were illegible.

I surveyed the cemetery on December 11, 1993. The cemetery is now very well maintained. There are no stones laying down, and many stones show evidence of having been extensively cleaned. As a result, many stones that were evidently not readable at the time of the Queen survey are now quite legible. In addition, Queen made several errors and omitted some data from stones she did report; perhaps cleaning has revealed information previously hidden. Two stones reported by Queen have apparently been removed and replaced by a modern stone (see note 2). There are still many stones with no markings.

There are at least three Revolutionary War patriot ancestors, as recognized by the DAR, buried at the cemetery: Thomas YOUNG, Andrew CARSON, and William GILL. At one time, there were apparently DAR markers on some graves. No such markers are now in evidence.

As in the Queen report, the "first row" shown in this report is the back row of the cemetery when stones are viewed from their fronts. Stones are reported from left to right from a position facing the front of the stones. Data from the stones are reported in a standard format, with no attempt to reproduce the exact wording on the stones, except where the wording provides supplementary information. Exact wording reproduced here appears between double quotation marks.

FIRST ROW********************************************************************

N. H. DALTON Born 3 May 3 1855, died 8 Apr. 1873

SECOND ROW*******************************************************************

Nathaniel JOURNEY, Husband{2} Born 25 Dec. 1765, died 7 Oct. 1842 (same stone) Lucy Estes JOURNEY, Wife Born 7 Aug. 1769, died 27 May 1846 "Their children: Nathaniel Bacon, Elisha Estes, Thomas, Edmund Parke, Mary R., Lucy E." "Stone erected by JPJ"

Jenny YOUNG Died 5 Jan. 1804 in the 28th{3} year of age

Mary Lloyd YOUNG Died 28 Feb. 1819 in the 45th{4} year of age

Capt. John M. YOUNG "Who was born in Mecklenburg Co., Va., on the 3rd of Aug. 1776 & removed with his parents to Hunting Creek, Iredell Co., N.C. in 1778 where he continued his residence until his death, which occurred on the 12th of Dec. 1858"

James Franklin McCULLOCH Died 26 Feb. 1851 aged 36 years

Mrs. Lucy E. McCULLOCH Died 31 Oct. 1857 aged 51 years

THIRD ROW********************************************************************

Jesse YOUNG, son of Thomas YOUNG In the 3rd year of age{5}

Lucy YOUNG, wife of Thos. YOUNG, Sr. Died Nov. 1807 in the 64th year of age

In memory of Thomas YOUNG Senr. Died 9 July 1829 in the 98th year of age

Samuel YOUNG Born 22 Jun. 1781, died 14 Aug. 1847

Sarah YOUNG, wife of Samuel YOUNG Born 28 Jul. 1784, died 28 Dec. 1853 in the 70th year of age

Sarah S. BLACKBURN, Jr. Born 2 Aug. 1841, died 17 Jan. 1900

FOURTH ROW*******************************************************************

Capt. Andrew CARSON Born 1 Mar. 1756, died 29 Jan. 1841 "He was a soldier of the Revolutionary War"

Temperance YOUNG, wife of Capt. Andrew CARSON Born 31 Jan. 1767, died Oct. 29, 1831

Susannah GILL, relict of Wm. GILL Died 29 Sep. 1829 in the 74th year of age

William GILL Died 4 Sep. 1797 in the 47th year of age

Mary Calista YOUNG, daughter of Col. Francis YOUNG{6} Died 8 Aug. 1823 aged 15 months, 19 days

Capt. Edwin B. YOUNG, son of Col. Francis YOUNG Died 8 Nov. 1836 in the 24th year of age

Mary YOUNG, wife of Col. Francis YOUNG Died 19 Mar. 1851 aged 66 years, 6 months, 1 day

Col. Francis YOUNG Died 1 Nov. 1854, aged 75 years, 9 months, 22 days

Tho's T. BLACKBURN Born 26 Aug. 1832, died 2 Sep. 1833

James M. BLACKBURN Born 30 Oct. 1837, died 10 Sep. 1876

Sarah S.{7} BLACKBURN Born 12 Jul. 1808, died 22 Jun. 1873

Absalom B. BLACKBURN{8} Born 2 Jan. 1797, died 14 Nov. 1886

FIFTH ROW{9}*****************************************************************

Mary Cecelia DALTON Born 27 Mar. 1814, died 3 May 1901

(same stone) John Hunter DALTON Born 1 Feb., 1813, died 3 Mar. 1888

Augustus C. HOUSTON, son of Capt. Placebo & Elizabeth HOUSTON Died 17 Feb. 1850, aged 29 years, 13 days

Capt. Placebo HOUSTON Born 28 Mar. 1779, died 2 Jan. 1859

Elizabeth R. HOUSTON, wife of Placebo HOUSTON Died 13 Feb. 1841 in the 55th year of age

Mrs. N. E. GUNTER, daughter of Capt. Placebo HOUSTON Born Mar. 1816, died Aug. 1840

Sarah L. REINHARDT, consort of Joseph A. REINHARDT, daughter of P. HOUSTON Died 28 Feb. 1845{10} aged 32 years, 11 months

Ingram A. GILL Died 14 Jul. 1853 aged 73 years, 5 months, 9 days

Mary GILL, wife of Ingram A. GILL, Senr.{11} Died 23 Nov. 1844 in the 61st year of age

Mrs. Caroline L. WEAVER, wife of Rev. Amos WEAVER Born 2 Feb. 1804, died 10 Dec. 1851 aged 47 years, 10 months, 8 days

NOTES ***********************************************************************

1 Iredell County Library call number R NC 393.1.

2 This is a modern stone that has evidently been erected since the Queen survey. The separate stones for Nathaniel JOURNEY and Lucy JOURNEY reported in Queen are no longer there. The individual stones reported by Queen showed the same birth and death dates for Nathaniel and Lucy JOURNEY as does the modern stone.

3 The Queen survey shows this stone as reading in the 98th year of her age. It clearly reads the 28th year. She is probably Jenny (NISBET) YOUNG, first wife of John May YOUNG.

4 The Queen survey reports this text as in the 15th year of her age. The stone clearly reads in the 45th year of her age. The corresponding dates match birth and death dates of Mary Lloyd (OSBORNE) YOUNG, second wife of John May YOUNG, as reported in transcripts from the KENNEDY family Bible (Genealogical Society of Iredell County document #10612).

5 No dates appear on this stone.

6 C.D. Cowles in the Michael Cadet Young Family Tree (Genealogical Society of Iredell County document #163) shows a daughter of Francis Young named Calista Young with a birth date of 19 Feb 1823. Cowles shows no child named Mary Calista Young.

7 The middle initial is very faint. It appears to be an S, but may be another letter.

8 The five BLACKBURN stones in rows 3 and 4 are all the same design and style and appear to be all about the same age.

9 The Queen survey reports the first five stones listed here as in the fifth row as being in the fourth row.

10 The Queen survey reports this date as July 29th, 1845. The stone clearly reads February 28th, 1845.

11 There is a small stone with the initials "S.G." between the two GILL stones. There is a small stone with the initials "W.G." resting against the Mary GILL stone.


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