Hamilton County, FL 1900 Census
Name Age Pct. 8 West Lake
Vol.6 ED39 Allen J. Gill 43 July 1854 FL
Sheet 2 line 36 Mary E. Gill 35 July 1865 FL wife
William T. Gill 18 Apr. 1882
Hattie Gill 14 Aug. 1885
Ben. H. Gill 12 Aug. 1888
James  L. Gill 10 May 1890
Avern J. Gill 8 May 1892 male
Mattie Gill 6 Mar. 1894
Rosa E. Gill 3 Mar. 1897
Pct. 2 Jasper
6-40 Elizabeth Gill 38 July 1861 GA marr. 22 yrs widow parents GA 7 chil. 7 alive rent house
19-72 William B. Gill 20 Dec. 1879 GA
James K. Gill 17 Oct. 1882 GA
Susan F. Gill 15 Sept. 1884 GA
Carrie E. Gill 13 May 1887 FL
Mary F. Gill 10 Aug. 1889 FL
Eula V. Gill 9 Nov. 1891 FL female
John M. Gill 5 Aug. 1894 FL

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