Henry Gill born before c1682 - died 1721, wife Margaret, of City of Williamsburg, York Co., and Henrico Co. Henry, who may be an original immigrant, was a Quaker married in 1703 by a non-Quaker priest in Henrico Co. Henry Gill had a license to keep ordinary (tavern) 1708-9 in York Co., VA. Henry Gill was granted 500 acres of land in Henrico Co. 1714. 5 Nov. 1716 Henry Gill to Arthur Marcum, for £20, a tract that is a part of a larger tract on north side of James River bounded by said Gill and is 150 acres, part of 500 acres; Wit: Blaws, Jos. Royall, Jr., James Cocke. Signed Henry Gill. Recorded 5 Nov. 1716 (p52 Henrico Co., VA, Deeds 1706-1737, Weisiger 1988). 3 Dec. 1716 Henry Gill of City of Williamsburgh, to Robert Blaws, for £40, a patent granted to said Henry Gill 16 June 1714, 500 acres, and out of which 150 were sold to Arthur Marcum. Wit: Richard Cocke, Jr., Joseph Pleasants, Bowler Cocke. Signed Henry Gill. Rec. 3 Dec. 1716. (p53 ibid).

Henry Gill of City of Williamsburg, York Co. Will 16 Dec. 1720-19, June 1721, brother Mark Gill in England 1 Guinea, wife Margaret Gill shares Tanyard & negro man, house and lot where Mr. Lewis Holland now keeps store. Inventory 1721: 3 pictures, 2 cases of knives & forks 6 in each, a mill to grind bark, & furniture attached thereto. (reference to earlier purchase): 17 Aug. 1731 John Owen to James Cocke, for £40, 2 tracts of land on north side of James River, parts of Henry Gill's patent of 1714 for 500 acres, bounded as follows: 150 acres, sold by Henry Gill to Arthur Marcum and by Marcum to Joseph Pleasants, and by Pleasants to John Owen. The other tract of 200 acres, sold by Gill to Robert Blaws, and by him sold to Joseph Pleasants, and by Pleasants to John Owen. Wit: Wm. Womack, Richard Parker. Signed: John (I) Owen. Rec. 17 Aug. 1731. Sarah, wife of John, relinquished her dower right. p29 Goochland Co., VA Wills and Deeds 1728-1736, Weisiger 1990}  Chesterfield Co. was formed from parts of Henrico Co.  Two children are identified in the records on Henry Gill: John and Elizabeth.

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