I am passing some information on Gills. Much of this information is from my husband's grandmother who was married to John Alva Gill.

John Gill.  Arby Gill's fathers name is John Gill. I have no other information other than he was married to an Indian lady. Flossie told me that she thinks she was a Cherokee Indian from Oklahoma and wasn't sure of the name. She thought it might be Jane.

Arby Gill b: Aug. 11, 1877 d: May 28, 1928 married Martha Jane McFarland b: July 11, 1879 d: May 7, 1953.  The dates are from the tombstones in Southern Illinois. I think the name of the graveyard is Denning Cemetery in West Frankfurt, ILL.   Arby and Martha Jane were married June 8, 1899 in Saline Co., IL. This info is from the Illinois Marriages website. I also have a photo copy of a picture of this family. There were six children in the picture.

The names of the children are:

  1. 1. Charlie Gill
  2. 2. Lizzie Gill (married a man whose last name is Miles)
  3. 3. John Alva Gill.  John Alva Gill b: April 25, 1904--d: Oct. 28, 1970 married Flossie Mae Summers b: July 8, 1907--d: March 2001.  Both are buried in Denning Cemetery in W. Frankfurt, ILL.  John worked in the Coal Mines. He was called Alvie. They had only one child, a girl, who is still living.
  4. 4. Hance Gill b: Aug. 24, 1906--d: Aug. 27, 1962.  This is also taken from the same graveyard where the parents are buried.
  5. 5. Della Gill (married a man whose last name is Pinkham)
  6. 6. Hope Gill
  7. 7. Hazel Gill
  8. 8. Elmo Gill

I think that Hope and Hazel may have died when they were young.

This isn't much but you said you would take raw records. I have pictures of the gravestones so I know the dates are correct as I know them. Hope this helps someone.  C. Barbee  

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