I call to your attention an important document from Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society Vol 17 No 3 pp.440-441. Title: Sixty-Sixth Wedding Anniversary of Daniel Gill and Lucinda Pyle Gill, Duquoin ILL

In part: Monday FEb 11, 1924, Daniel GIll and his wife Lucinda Pyle Gill, celebrated their 66th wedding anniversary at their home......

Page 440: Daniel Gill was born in the edge of Perry o about 2 1/2 miles south and a little west of DuQuoin, on a part of what is now known as the Wm Walker fam, Nov 18, l836 and has resided in this vicinity ever since. His father was Geo. Washington Gill and his mother Martha Grisham Gill. The mother came direct to Ill from VA when a young girl and was staying witht the Wm Hall family a little NE of Murphysboro where the town is now when GWG met and married her.

The GILL family is descended from Francis Gill, whom they first know about in Chesterfield Co. VA and his wife, Catherine ROY.

The son, William Gill, from whom this line descended married Mary ROGERS and moved south into Halifax Co. VA where Peter and John Gill, the two older children, were born. The family then moved to Williamson Co. TN (old Davidson/my note) where most of the other children were born-one named Wiley Blunt Gill, being named after a Gov. Blunt of TN. They came to Ill about 1813 or 1815 andsettled on a farm between DeSoto ILL and Murphysboro, close to the Big Muddy, over which Wm GILL conducted a ferry for a number of years. As a boy and a young man Dan Gill spent considerable time inthis vicinity and at Murphysboro. Fannie Gill, a d/o William Gill and an aunt of Dan Gill m. James Logan and Aletha Gill, a cousin of Dan Gill, a d/o Peter Gill m. Thomas Logan, both of whom were brothers of John A. Logan. The John Gill referred to above was the father of John M. Gill of Murphysboro, who was the father of Joseph Gill, Lt. Governor with Altgeld. etc.

You may be interested in this material as it proves very early marriages.

I will send a second e-mail with an obit.  J. Anderson 2004

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