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Ingram Allen Gill b. 5 May 1780 Iredell Co., NC, d. 14 Jul 1853, son of William Gill of Iredell Co., NC, married Mary (Polly) Tomlinson. They are buried in the Young Family Cemetery on Hunting Creek. Ingram Allen Gill from Charles Mattison, same Co., "all that tract of land in Iredell on the south fork of Middle Rocky Creek, to an oak on Gill's line, containing 335 acres originally granted to James Bone, 21 Mar. 1780, and by him conveyed to Wm Bone, 12 Sept. 1792, and by Wm Bone conveyed to the said Charles Mattison, 12 Aug 1805." 8 Dec 1807. Deeds G40 (Mrs. Clark p105). Ingram A. Gill of Iredell Co., from Thos. Y. Gill of Wilkes Co., GA, consideration of $116.66, "a certain tract of land in Iredell on the Red Bank of South Yadkin, it being the tract of land belonging to the estate of Wm. Gill, Dec'd - the said Thomas Y. Gill being heir to 1/6th part of the estate - beginning at an Oak Wm. McRary corner on John Calahin's line." 4 Dec. 1817. Wit. John Burke, Archibald Tomlinson, Henry Gill. Deeds J570 (Mrs. Clark p105). Henry Gill of Iredell Co., to Ingram A. Gill, same Co., consideration of $1500, deed for negroes, horses, stock, crops, furniture, and all the right, title, and interest I now have in the estate of James Reid, dec'd, my wife's father, late of Iredell county; also all books, notes, etc. due from any person whatsoever; 21 May 1827. Deeds M1043 (Mrs. Clark p105).

  1. Francis Melmouth Gill, b. 2 Jun 1805, d. 27 Jul 1856
  2. William Lee Gill, b. 27 Sep 1807, d. May 1885, m. Elizabeth Dobbins Jones
  3. Nancy Ann Gill, b. 26 Feb 1810, d. 10 Oct 1879, m. Joseph Allison
  4. Susan Gill, kb. 10 Jul 1812, d. 2 Aug 1879, m. Perry H. Holland
  5. Thomas Young Gill, b. 7 Oct 1814, d. 26 Jul 1899, m. Mary (Molly) Tomlin(son)
  6. Sarah Caroline Gill, b. 27 Dec 1816, d. 15 Sep 1883, m. Robert S. Lawrence
  7. Mary A. Gill, b. 27 Apr 1819, d. 22 Jul 1893, m. Joseph Allison
  8. Ingram Allen Gill, Jr., b. 21 Jun 1821, d. 1878, m. Mayberry
  9. Elizabeth E. Gill, b. 22 Sep 1825, d. 7 Oct 1892
  10. Henry Lafayette Gill, b. 3 Mar 1827, d. 5 Apr 1908, m. Carrie Tatum

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