Alabama Gill Marriages

(original provided by and courtesy of Edna Reschke, updated by many!)
Person County Date (MDY)
Eliza Gill & Edmund H. Boyd Jefferson Co., 7-23-1834
Eleanor M. Gill married David H. Vance Jefferson Co., March 14, 1840
Henry H. Gill & Abigail Diffy Jefferson Co., 1-12-1853
John L. Gill & Missa (Malissa) C. Gee Jefferson Co., 7-3-1850
Joseph M. Gill & Louisa Brown Jefferson Co., 1-15-1838
Mah (Mahal or Mahalia) Gill & Jackson Bridges Jefferson Co., 1-15-1838
Lucinda H. Gill married Charles G. McMurry Jefferson Co., January 17, 1827
William Gill married Rutha Igoe Jefferson Co., July 12, 1841
William K. Gill married Anna Staggs Jefferson Co., August 27, 1836

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