John Gill b<1715-1764 (Chesterfield County, VA Big Chart). John Gill, Debit, 1736, 1 levy, 330 acres paid by Col. Kennon (Fleet, V21, p37, Sheriff's Acct. Book, Henrico Co., South Side of James River). John Gill debit for Quitrent for 330 acres (Fleet again, p39). John Gill Chesterfield Co. will of 1764, gives land to "my nephew John Gill son of my bro. Peter Gill." John Gill also leaves land to one "James Gill", without specifying relation. This cannot be the James son of Edward, as he was not born for another ten years. No other James Gill is mentioned among the children of these four brothers until the revolutionary war. Therefore, I think this James Gill must be the James Gill son of Stephen, or his son. If correct, this surmise supports a kinship among the older Stephen Gill and these five brothers.

(Note: since the following deeds are after the 1723 death of John Gill married to Mary Webster, but involve the same people and locations, they must refer to either this John Gill or the son of Henry.):

3 Oct. 1726 Essex Bevil and Elizabeth, his wife, of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co., for £10 to John Gill of same, 100 acres by Henry Hill (third husband of Rosamond Cousins Webster) to said Essex and Elizabeth by deed 19 April 1707. Wit: Wil Kennon, Ja. McMilland, John Epes. Signed Essex Bevil, Eliz'a (by mark). Rec. 7 Aug. 1727. (p91 Henrico Co., VA, Deeds 1706-1737, Weisiger 1988). Essex Bevil married Elizabeth Webster, sister of Mary Webster who married John Gill.

30 Aug. 1737 William Worsham of Henrico Co. and Rosamond his wife, to John Gill of same, for £12, 100a on Appomatox River on south side of Swift Creek in Dale Parish. Wit: Wil Kennon, Wil Kennon, Jr., David Duncan. Signed William Worsham, Rosamond her+mark Worsham. Recorded 1st Mon. Sept. 1737 (p162 ibid). (Kennons and Worshams are mixed in the records with these Gills on Youl's Creek)

1 Feb. 1745, Wm. Belcher of Amelia Co. to Benjamin Dison of Henrico Co., sells 150a in Dale Parish on south side of Locust Branch, next to John Gibbs and John Gill. (p20 Henrico Co., VA Deeds 1737-1750, Weisiger 1988).

25 April 1746 John Creasey to John Gills (sic)deed (p45 Goochland Co., VA Wills 1742-1749, Weisiger, 1984) John Culbreath of Lunenburg Co. to John Dyer, Jr. of Chesterfield Co., for £10, land next to Franks Branch, Thomas Dison, John Gill, and Christopher Martin, 125 acres. wit: Wm.(A) Andrews, Neal (N) McClourain, John (I) Dyer, Jr. recorded 6 April 1753 (p41 Chesterfield Co, VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger 1991).

7 April 1753 Wm. Reade of Chesterfield Co. to Thomas Jones of same, £50, tract on Wintopock Creek, adjoining Wm. Robertson, James Cashon, Benjamin Cheatham, and Thomas Man; being land purchased by John Read (apparently this is an old purchase, long before 1753) of Thomas Jones, Richard Gill and John Gill, 200 acres. Wit: John Elam, Robert Furguson, Wm. hisWmark Riggins, Rec: 1 June 1753 (p46 ibid). Thomas Man of (later to be called) King William County was the father in law of David Gill, Jr., <1734-1788 of NC, son of David Gill, Sr. <1648->1717, conjectured son of old Stephen Gill. "Thomas Mann, Sr." is mentioned in records of Joseph Gill son of Stephen Gill, Jr. The only Richard Gill in Chesterfield Co. of whom I am aware is the son of Joseph Gill, Jr. b<1747 d>1804, who in turn was the son of Joseph Gill of Halifax Co., VA, b<1715 dc1791.

1764 Will of John Gill of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co., VA: to nephew John Gill, son of my brother Peter Gill, 200 acres on north side of Youles Branch, adjoining Thos. Branch, Thomas Rowlet, Jr., and Wm. Totty, Sr., it being the upper part of 400 acres that fell to me by my brother Webster Gill, where plantation now stands. To Edward Dance, son of Thomas Dance, rest of the 400 acres. To Neil McCarin, 100 acres on south side of Wintepock Creek and north side of Youles Branch, being upper part of land I hold there, joining said McCarin. To James Gill, a tract at head of White Oak Branch, south side of Wintepock Road, bounded by John Cousin's line. To my brother Daniel Gill, tract I live on, and all other tracts not disposed of, and 1 negro. Executor: brother Daniel Gill. Dated 15 Sept. 1764. Wit: Wm. More, Aron Watts, John Bott. (Chesterfield Co., VA, Wills 1749-1774, Weisiger, 1979). No children.

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