John Gill born 1754, probably a son of John Gill born c1733, died before 1810, may have married first to Mary Ward and perhaps second to Agnes Dick, his widow who died 1819. This John Gill served in Peyer im Hoff's Rev. War Company, said record being the source of the birth year. Conjectured first born of John Gill born c1733 married to Mary Jackson.  If born c1754, he would first appear in records in 1754+21= 1775.

1790. John Gill and his wife Agnes Gill of Richland Co., SC Indenture dated 4 July 1790, sell in Fairfield Co., SC 100 acres in Craven Co. on the east side of the Wateree Ck. bounded by vacant land, to Henry Moore for £18 Sterling, being an original grant to Agnes Dick 8 Dec. 1774 and now conveyed by her and her husband. (Fairfield Co., SC, Deeds Book E p119). John Gill signed his name, Agnes signed by mark. Witnesses Alexander Robinson, John Glen. (Andrea #82)

1810. Agnes Gill signed a will in Richland Co., SC, on 7 Sept. 1810, probated 28 June 1819 in Richland Co., styles herself a widow. After John Gill died, Agnes Dick Gill (Dick was reputedly not her maiden name, she was a widow) returned to Richland County: Mrs. Agnes Gill, widow, signed a will on 7 Sept. 1810, proved on 28 June 1819 in Richland Co. listing two sons: James Gill and Hugh Gill, and states "other children". "As my son Hugh Gill has remained with me longer than any of my other children". Andrea states that he looked in this file to see if there be any other data which might throw light on the names of the "other children", but many papers from the file are missing. Witness Thomas H. Egan. The children's names associate them with the family of the John Gill who migrated to Mississippi, as well as the Gills who remained in Richland Co., and those of Maryland. The name Hugh Gill appears later in Richland records. I think his statement, plus the son named Hugh may be taken as strong indications that this John Gill was not of the Fishing Creek set, but of the Richland set, and the DAR record is incorrect on all scores.

Conjectured to be John Gill, MS-1.

Probable Children born of John Gill and Mary Ward

1. "Dr." John Gill, II (or III?), born c1773? removed to Mississippi in 1812, died after 1825 and before 26 Sept. 1828. (DAR) married 4 times with children listed for each marriage, 3rd wife Elizabeth Faust in DAR record), 4th wife his "cousin" Alsey Gill whom he married 8 Feb. 1824 in Lawrence Co., MS. She appears to have been the daughter of James Gill who signed the bond for the marriage along with James Martin (from John T. Cupit). James Martin married the widow Alsey Gill in 1830. His first two wives may have died in SC. Andrea's Winton John Gill deed fragment cannot be Elizabeth Faust, as the dates are incompatible. John Gill, II, removed to Mississippi in 1812 (documented).

2. Mary Gill born c1790-1800 died c1827, married James Martin.

Children Perhaps born to John Gill born c1754 and Agnes Dick (James and Hugh are documented as children of the John Gill who married Agnes Dick.  I have here assumed that John Gill is the same one who served in John Peyer im Hoff's company.)

2. James Gill. Cupit says born prior to 1780, died c1823?. (documented son of John Gill and Agnes Dick Gill) Cupit thinks he remained in SC, and did not appear in MS, perhaps one of two in Richland Co. census in 1790. There is a report of the death of a James Gill in Lawrence Co., MS in 1823 (Cupit). Cupit also states that there was a James Gill in Marion Co., MS at the same time John Gill, II, was in Lawrence Co., MS, and that this James supposedly removed to LA.

3.  A Hugh Gill remained in SC (documented son of John Gill and Agnes Dick Gill), but there may well have been more than one Hugh Gill.

No clue as to mother of Rebecca Gill, or even if she was in fact a Gill!

4. Rebecca Gill m. Richey, perhaps John P. Richey of Barnwell Co., SC (Cupit), who named Rebecca as his wife in his will. Cupit reports that he was told Mr. Richie died very suddenly early in his life c1820. (Andrea #108) "Estate of John P. Richie a spelling of Richey and I have a line from Richey myself mixed with Caldwell -Andrea) Estate Admst. 1 Jan. 1815 by widow Rebecca Richey or Ritchy. Her bond signed by Absolom Tyler, & David Felder. Appraisers were Wm. Rise, Christian Norton, Charles Hickman, Charles Ackerman, Benjamin Tarrant, & John Rowter (I do wonder if Rowser and see #28). This Rebecca Ritchey was mixed in with the Gills in Barnwell and my presumption is that she was Rebecca Gill m. John P. Ritchey. Names of heirs missing." FOC: I have xerox copies of this entire estate folder, and I can see no connection with the Gill family, even in the estate sale.

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