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Both of you in your databases, Absalom B. Gill, John B. Gill, William B. Gill, Thomas B.Gill, Amelia B. Gill and Moses B. Gill as children of John Gill, jr and Leah Barney. However, the Baltimore County Chancery Court record that I ran across indicates that they or people with the same names are children of John Gill, Sr. B 1736 and Mary Barney Tracey (daughter of Absalom Barney) even though they never married and John Gill was still married to Sarah Gorsuch. John Gill's will of 1810 leaves all property to Mary Tracey even though his wife Sarah was still alive. See link below for Will.


From this Chancery Court Case:

On 7 Mar 1803, Mary Tracey relinquished her interest in the estate of her father Absalom Barney to Thomas Barney (?).

A Baltimore County Chancery Court Case dated 1 Apr 1815, enabled me to glean the following information:

- On 6 Dec 1805, John Gill, Sr executed a deed to the children of Mary Tracey; Absalom B. Gill Tracey, John B. Gill Tracey, William B. Gill Tracey, Thomas B. Gill Tracey, Amelia B. Gill Tracey and Moses B. Gill Tracey. The deed was for 240 acres in Hickory Bottom, Nicholson's Manor and Narrow Ridge. John Gill obtained the land from his father (not named).

- All the children were known both as Gill and Tracey but mostly Gill

- On 14 Aug 1805, these children leased the land back to John Gill and Mary Tracey as a "lease hold for life". From that point on and probably earlier, John Gill and Mary Tracey were living as man and wife on this property

- All 6 children were the natural children of John Gill, Sr and Mary Tracey.

- About this time Absalom B. Gill and John B. Gill became indebted to William McMechan. On 8 Jan 1807, in an Indenture, they sold their interest in the land to William McMechan (John B. only partially).

- On 1 Jan 1812, John B. Gill and William B. Gill sold their interest to McMechan.

- On 22 Feb 1813, Thomas B. Gill sold his interest to Wm. McMechan

- On 28 Jul 1814, McMechan sold all interests to Walter Worthington

- The basis of this Chancery Court case was that John Gill, Sr, Mary Tracey, Moses B. Gill Tracey and Amelia B. Gill had possession and were living on this land and Worthington charges them with "de-wooding" the property to the point that it would no longer be supportable.

- Abaslom B. Gill became indebted to McMechan and John B. Gill was the surety. Both were in danger of being ruined financially. The selling of their interest in the land did not fetch enough to cover the debt. In order to get out of this mess, Abaslom B. Gill made a trip to New Orleans to try to buy tobacco, ship it to Philadelphia and sell it. McMechan thought that Absalom was skipping out on the debt and tried tohave him arrested in New Orleans.

- Sarah Gorsuch Gill, wife of John Gill, Sr, was never mentioned.

- James Tracey was never mentioned. It is unclear to me whether James Tracey married Mary Barney before these 6 children were born or after.

- Some kind of settlement was reached but I cannot determine what it was.

John Gill, in his will dated 10 Nov 1810, Book 11, Page 472, leaves all personal possessions to Mary Tracey and names her Executrix even though his wife Sarah was still living.

Mary Tracey left a will dated 23 Nov 1821 and proved 29 Sep 1824. She left everything to Amelia B. Gill. None of her sons were mentioned.

My guess is that after selling their interests, Abaslom B. Gill, John B. Gill, William B. Gill and Thomas B. Gill left Maryland. They cannot be found in any Census from 1820 forward.

I would sure like to get some comments from you two gentlemen.

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Below is the original record to which BoB refers:

4John Gill, 3rd born 10 Dec. 1763 , son of John Gill born 1737 (1Stephen c1673-1734 /  2John 1709-1797 / 3John 1737-1822 / 4John 1763) , married Mary  (or Leah?) Barney.  Children:

  1. Absolom Barney Gill
  2. John Gill 4th born 23 May 1782
  3. Amelia Gill died unmarried
  4. Nicholas Gill born 17 Feb. 1795, moved to Fairfield Co., Ohio
  5. William Barney Gill born 20 Aug. 1784 moved to Selma, Alabama
  6. Moses Gill died unmarried
  7. Joshua Gill
  8. Nancy Gill married 2 Feb. 1795 Thomas Mathews, descendants in Baltimore, MD
  9. Thomas Gill married, a daughter who married Thomas Belt.
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