Joseph Gill b<1728 dc1783, son of Stephen Gill, m. Elizabeth. Lived and died in Chesterfield Co., VA. Married to Elizabeth (not Wm. Gates daughter).  L. Hope believes his wife may have been Elizabeth Goode.

5 Apr. 1751 Wm. Wms. of Chesterfield Co., to Wm. Herringham of same, 100 acres bounded by Lawrence Brown, John Dodd, said Wms. and said Herringham; being part of 256 acres by patent 20 Sept. 1745 to said Wms. Wit: Wm. Eanes, Joseph hisImark Gill, Peter hisPmark Gill. (p23 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger, 1991).  13 June 1752 Thomas Coker of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co. to Christopher Martin of same, for £50, land in Dale Parish on south side of Logg Branch, bounded by Joseph Gill, John Robertson, and John Herbert, 100 acres. Wit: John Bevill, Godfry Ragsdale, George Archer, Wm. Herringham. Rec. 7 Aug. 1752 (p38 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger 1991). 2 Dec. 1753 Christopher Martin of Chesterfield Co. to Israel Jackson of Dinwiddie Co., for £43, land on south side of Log Branch, bounded by Joseph Gill, John Robertson, and John Herbert, 100 acres. Wit: Godfrey Ragsdale, Wm. Worhsam, Jr., Sam'l Jones. Rec 5 Apr. 1754 (p56 Chesterfield Co. VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger 1991). 30 Nov. 1754 John Wilson of Chesterfield Co., to Humphrey Dunnivant of Amelia Co., for £50, land on both sides of Second Branch of Swift Creek, 100 acres, next to Wm. Vaden, Joseph Gill, and Joseph Vaden. Wit: John Ward, George Hunt Moor, Abram his+mark Dunnivant. John's wife relinquished her dower. Rec. Court 1754 (p62 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger 1991).

5 April 1755 Humphrey Traylor of Chesterfield Co. to Robert Langley of Dinwiddie Co., for £16, 100 acres bounded by Joseph Gill, Log branch and John Herbert. Wit: Wm. Dodson, Charles Cousins, Abner Ash. Rec: April Court 1755 (p48 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1749-1756, Weisiger 1991). 30 Apr. 1758 Joseph Gill of Chesterfield Co., to Stephen Gill (his son) of same for £10, 150 acres on Rocky Branch of Second Branche of Swift Creek, next to Wm. Wilson and Daniel Brown. Wit: Gardiner Fowler, Cliveland Perdue, John Ward. Signed Joseph (his+mark) Gill. Rec 5 May 1758. (p19 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1756-1764, Weisiger 1989).  20 Oct. 1759 Daniel Brown of Chesterfield Co., VA to John Blankinship of Amelia Co., for £40, 125 acres next to Wilson, Joseph Gill, John Hatcher, and John Brown. Wit: Wm. Totty, George (his+mark) Vest, Matthew (hisXmark) Blankinship, Signed Daniel (hisDmark) Brown, Rec. May 1760. (p60 Chesterfield Co, VA Deeds 1756-1764, Weisiger 1989).

6 Nov. 1760, Robert Ellett of St. Johns Parish, King William Co., to William Smith of Chesterfield Co. for £50, land in Dale Parish on south side of west branch, adjoining Harry Smith, Aron, Ferguson, Joseph Gill, James Gill, Stephen Gill, and Edmund Graves, 200 acres. Wit: Wm. Graves, Zachariah Ellett, Hy Winfrey. Signed Robert Ellett, Frances Ellett. Recorded March 1761. (p65 Chesterfield Co, VA Deeds 1756-1764, Weisiger 1989). 2 Apr. 1761, Thomas Dance, Jr. and Mary his wife of Chesterfield Co. and Roger Atkinson of Dinwiddie Co., Merchant, of First Part; George Archer of Chesterfield Co. and said Atkinson of Second Part; Stephen Dance & Phoebe his wife of Dinwiddie Co. and said Atkinson of Third Part; Thos. Dance and wife Mary for £8 paid by Atkinson, sell to him 200 acres in Chesterfield Co., where a certain Thos. Dance the elder now lives, being part of 250 acres, bounded by Charles Cousins, Godfrey Ragsdale and Christopher Martin. Said George Archer, for £1, gives to Atkinson 36 1/2 acres, adjoining the above, bounded by Joseph Gill and Thos. Dance, Jr.s spring branch; and Stephen Dance and Phoebe, his wife for £80 grant to Atkinson 50 acres, the residue of the 250. Wit: Field Archer, Wm. Dance, Edward (hisEmark) Hill, John Banister, Sterline Thornton. Signed: Thomas Dance, Jr., George Archer, Stephen Dance. Rec. Apr. 1761 (p40 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1756-1764, Weisiger 1989). 27 June 1763, Humphrey Dunnivant of Dale Parish, Chesterfield Co., to Thomas Mann, Sr., as he was security for Dunnivant, for £25, to be paid by 23 Sept. 1763, said Humphrey mortgages 100 acres, next to Daniel Voden and Wm. Voden and Joseph Gill, also household goods. 27 June 1763. Wit: Mark Pucket, Fran(c)is (hisXmark) Mann. Signed: Hump. (hisXmark) Dunnivant. Rec. Aug. 1763. (p45 Chesterfield Co., VA Deeds 1756-1764, Weisiger 1989). Thomas Mann was the father in law of David Gill, Jr., son of David Gill.  

Joseph Gill to Joseph Gill, Jr., Chesterfield Co., 1770 (Mrs. Clark p78 - verbatim) "Joseph Gill of Chesterfield Co., VA, Will 13 Oct 1778. To wife Elizabeth, the tract of 150 acres on which I now live and all my estate; at her death or marriage, to my son Benjamin. To dau. Mary Ferguson. to dau. Elizabeth. To my son Benjamin, my part of the estate in the hands of my mother. To King and Joseph Ferguson, sons of my daughter Mary. To son Joseph. To son John. Ex'rs: Sons Joseph and Benjamin Gill. wit: Wm Smith, John Clayton, John Clayton, Jr. Deeds III 376." Will proved 3 May 1783 (Chesterfield Co. Will Book 2).  Children:

  1. (VI)Stephen Gill will 27 Aug. 1801.  Children (in will):
    1. (VII)Isham Gill b<1801
    2. (VII)Jesse Gill b<1801
    3. (VII)Sally Gill b<1780 married -- Bennett <1801
    4. (VII)Susanna Gill b<1780 married Anderson Phillips <1801. Phillips died in Chesterfield CO. c8 Jan. 1849 (from Pat Vincent). Pat Vincent writes that she married c1797 and died c29 Oct. 1812.
    5. (VII)Lucreasy Gill (dau) b<1780
      1. (VIII)granddaughter: Polly Perkinson
    6. (VII)John Gill b<1801
  2. (VI)Benjamin Gill b<1778
  3. (VI)Mary Gill b c1742 (<1778) m(1) John Ferguson (Farguson) m(2) Greaves (birth year and "John" Ferguson from Reita J. Burress).  Children:
    1. (VII)King Ferguson (adult in 1798) b<1777
    2. (VII)Joseph Ferguson
  4. (VI)Joseph Gill born b<c1749 alive 1770
  5. (VI)Elizabeth (Betsy) Gill married William Mann.
    1. (VII)Betsy Mann
  6. (VI)John Gill b<c1749-1798. 1770 deeded land by his father, Joseph Gill (Mrs. Clarkp78). Will 5Jun1798 mentions nephew Goode Gill (adult) Aunt Sarah Goode.
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